Volume XI, Issue 3: July 22, 2011

On Wednesday, July 15th, Lori Breyer and her family hosted a farewell party for Marianna Sanchez, our Exchange Student who was soon to return home to Mexico. Unfortunately, her voyage home was not as happy nor as well-executed as the party. All went according to schedule on Marianna’s end – she arrived at the airport in San Francisco well in advance of her midnight flight on Aeromexico. However, despite what her itinerary said, the airline insisted that there was no such flight. On Friday, Lori told us that she was re-booked on a flight scheduled for late that morning. Thanks to Lori for the update and for the party.
Howard Stauffer provided an update from the World Community Service Committee. The group has new members and ongoing projects. Among the latter are the fluoridation dental treatment project in Mexico, support for a long-term project in Siberia that is spearheaded by the Eureka Rotary Club, and additional scholarships for primary students attending Mongkolbory School in Cambodia. Howard is planning a return trip to Cambodia in October (he was there in 2006 and again two years later). The itinerary includes a visit to the school, and Howard would appreciate your company. Jessica McKnight was part of the entourage in 2008, and she says, “Travels with Howard are always an adventure!” Please let him know if you’re interested.
Scholarship recipient Garrett Wallace returned to thank us for the award. He said that he is using the funds to pay for his classes and his books. “I appreciate your faith in me and your support,” he said. Garrett is attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and he said that even though he is about 20 percent done, his life has changed already.
The fundraiser to support the Arcata Playhouse makeover project is rapidly approaching. Barbara Browning said that the “Country Cabarette” (I spelled it wrong last week) has a lot of support. But the most important supporter is you – please plan to be at the event. It promises to be a lot of fun, with a lot of chili and country music. The Cabarette begins at 7 pm at the Arcata Playhouse at 1251 9th Street in Arcata.Tickets are available at Wildwood Music and the Works.
Bob Johnson encouraged Matt Babich to let us know how his recent rafting trip on the Trinity turned out. Then he showed a photo of Matt holding an ice pack to his eye. Matt said that an oar caught him in the face as he was shifting in the raft. He looked back up at the picture and said, “I hate Facebook.” 
Bob then told of his own weekend adventure – touring San Francisco by bicycle. He set up his phone’s GPS to track his course, but the battery died partway through. That’s not the only thing that died. Bob said that “…the legs and the lungs are one thing, but … the butt …” Well, that was the end of that story.
At our previous meeting, Barbara Browning said that she and husband Ron Sharp have an anniversary tradition – taking turns telling what they love about each other. That led Bob to lead in the anniversary recognitions with the song, “That’s What I Like About You”. 
George and Diana Cavinta had a low-key celebration for their 20th anniversary. They had out-of-town guests and no babysitters, so it was off to Murphy’s for dinner fixin’s. Someone wanted camel, but our neighborhood superstore must have just run out. 
After anniversaries come birthdays, and we heard that Lori Breyer started hers with a workout at HealthSport, followed by time spent at the Quilt Show at Redwood Acres, topped by dinner at the Plaza Grill.
We should hear about Cindy Sutcliffe’s birthday at our next meeting, but she did say that she is “definitely going out to dinner”. 
Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer
On Tuesday, August 2nd, the College of the Redwoods will be breaking ground for its new Academic Complex, and Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer has invited us. Dr. Snow-Flamer has been the Vice-President of Student Services at the college since 2006. He told us last Friday that, when it is completed in 2015, it will house several academic functions. The college is further shoring up its aging facilities with a Student Services/Administration Building that is already under construction. 
Dr. Snow-Flamer asked those who plan to attend Tuesday’s groundbreaking to RSVP to Michelle Anderson in the CR President’s office. More information is available at http://www.redwoods.edu/_artman2/publish/CR_News_1/Groundbreaking_Ceremony_for_the_New_Academic_Complex_printer.asp


Although it is generally against Sunrise Spirit policy to acknowledge factual errors (sheer volume argues against it), Your Reporter did receive accurate information last week from Brandi Easter, World Record Holder:
Brandi and the REAL Sheephead
What’s a California sheephead? That was the question posed to Brandi Easter. I saw the picture on the PowerPoint presentation, so I know. It’s a big black and red fish (fish upper left corner of ppt). And on June 23rd, Brandi bagged the biggest one on record. This one, taken off Santa Cruz Island, weighed 30.2 pounds. Guess whose record she broke? Her own (formerly at 18.8 pounds). Congratulations!
Brandi said, “The silver looking fish might have been my first speared California Halibut (center photo on ppt) which weighed 13.5 pounds.”