July 29, 2016 – Foundation Final Friday!

2016-17 Rotary Theme

This Friday’s Program:
District Governor Wulff Reinhold makes his official visit!!! Be there and Show Rotary! – Friday, August 12th

RISE Calendar … “Rotary Involvement Strengthens Everyone
August 12 – District Governor Wulff Reinhold’s Official Visit
August 19
  – Field Trip Meeting at Arcata High School to check out its new Fine Arts Center!
September 10 – District 5130 Membership Seminar, at the Eel River Multi-Generational Center in Fortuna –  8:00 to 11:30 am
September 10 – District 5130 Foundation Seminar at the Eel River Multi-Generational Center in Fortuna – 12:30 to 3:00 pm
September 11 -“Out of the Darkness” Suicide Awareness Walk – meet at the Arcata Plaza at 9 am

Starting Off

President Susan was in Canada on vacation last Friday, so Former President Barbara Browning ran the show!

Terri Clark once again encouraged us to bring her our copies of Rotarian Magazine when we are done with them. She distributes them to our District’s Rotaract Clubs, since their dues do not include a subscription.

Exchange Student 411

Ian Schatz talked about our Inbound Exchange Student from Taiwan – Chen Yi Ting, better known as “Judy”. He said that she is really sweet, and she is really excited about coming to Arcata. He said that the inevitable culture shock will be mitigated by “the warm Arcata Sunrise welcome”.Kristina and Bolivia

Our Outbound Exchange Student, Kristina McHaney, will be heading to Bolivia soon for her Exchange Year, and she shared some interesting facts about that country with us. Kristina told us that Bolivia is about the size of California and Texas combined, and it is situated in the western part of South America, sharing borders with Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay. She discussed the history and culture of the country, noting that the dominant religion is Catholicism. Although Spanish is the most common language spoken, many indigenous languages are also recognized as official languages.

Kristina’s host Club is the Rotary Club Amboro, in District 4690. She told us that the Club has a strong interaction with its community, and a successful Youth Exchange program. They raise funds to support a rehabilitation home for undernourished children in San Carlos, and they support the Rotary Foundation in its quest to end polio. She will be attending San Lorenzo Colegio, where she will be completing her senior year. Her host brother will also be a senior at the school.

Foundation Final Friday 

Brenda Bishop served as our Final Friday Auctioneer, but she first reiterated a challenge to her fellow Sunrisers. Noting that the Rotary Foundation will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017, and that we are asking each member of our Club to donate at least $100 this year. Brenda has asked us to do more – she asked us all to “pay it forward”. She donated $100 to the Foundation, and then paid it forward by donating and additional $10 each for two Sunrisers – Cam Appleton and Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth. She promises to continue paying it forward by selecting two additional Rotarians each week for the next four weeks! What a great, generous idea! And the funds will support one of the finest, most efficient foundations in the world! Accept Brenda’s challenge to pay it forward, and be sure to make that $100 donation a reality!

The proceeds from our Final Friday Auction go directly to the Rotary Foundation, and we had some great items, and received generous bids. Here are the results:

  • Your Editor donated a gift certificate valid at Abruzzi’s, the Plaza Grill, or Moonstone Grill, which was snapped up by Lisa Hemphill
  • Maggie Kraft put together a basket of love that included mood-setting CDs, a bottle of Grand Marnier, a feather boa, and more. Matt Babich was sold on the concept, and the concept was sold to him!
  • Terri Clark and Marty Lay offered tickets to the upcoming Fish Feed put on by the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka on August 27th. Dick Johnson was the high bidder (after he scared off Romi).
  • A basket containing island-themed jewelry was donated by Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth. The package – puka shells and all – was purchased by Jeff Stebbins.
  • Lisa Hemphill brought in a big (I do mean big!!) bottle of Castoro Chardonnay, which was purchased by Lynda Moore.
  • Brenda Bishop contributed a three-part package, consisting of a planter that had been made from a purse, a bracelet, and a turquoise necklace. The winning bidder by proxy was Joyce Hinrichs.
  • A spicy combo of Humboldt Hot Sauce and homemade dill pickles was served up by Brandi Easter. Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth won that (without interference from Your Editor).
  • Finally, Claire Ajina donated several items she picked up during her recent visit to Myanmar. First on the auction block was a piece of blue material that is worn in that country as a garment. That was won by Brenda Bishop. A similar wrap, but in yellow, was purchased by A.J. Gonzales; A.J. bought a blue and black bracelet as well. Your Editor had the winning bid on a river rock bracelet and earrings, and John Gullam took home another wrap/garment in black.

As always, thanks to all the donors, bidders, and purchasers. Please don’t forget to pay it forward – you don’t have to wait for a Final Friday Auction to contribute to support the great work of the Rotary Foundation! (Here’s a link to contribute!)