March 27, 2009

Amy Bohner’s birthday was March 12th, and she had a pizza dinner. She also went to Folie Deuce with a friend. I think those were one and the same, but if not … celebrate all month, in the tradition of Wendy Madsen!!!

Rob McBeth and his wife Debbie celebrated 32 years of marriage on March 26th. Well, Rob said that they didn’t celebrate that night, but they were planning to go out over the weekend.

Kathy Fraser reported that our Exchange Student, Kasper Troelsen, lost his voice the last night of the AHS school play. I was unclear as to whether an understudy stepped in, or if they used Closed Captioning. Kasper planned to spend last weekend with Bob and Susan Johnson. We also learned that Kasper’s mother is coming to visit. Lori Breyer and family will be hosting a dinner to welcome her on April 9th. Lori’s going to make stroganoff, and I think the rest is pot luck. More news next issue (I hope).

The District Assembly is this weekend. This is the training and planning session for the coming Rotary Year. All Rotarians are encouraged to attend – the event is informative and inspiring. If you are chairing a committee or will be serving as an officer or director next year, you will find the District Assembly invaluable.

Save the date!! Saturday, May 2nd will be our next Adopt-a-Highway effort. We’ll once again take on our stretch of Samoa Boulevard after a meeting at Scott Heller’s office.

Dick Johnson (a.k.a. Your Editor) said that the Club Calendar on the website ( is once again up to date. Well, it will be once I add the Adopt-a-Highway info.

Jessica McKnight provided an update on Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth. Romi has missed several of our meetings recently. Her daughter, Skye, attempted suicide, but Jessica said that she is doing better now. Skye and her family have decided to be forthcoming about their situation to allow others to learn from their experience. The family has posted information online at, and I will post instructions for accessing it soon. In the meantime, if you love someone, let them know.

Leslie Lawson reported that the Scholarship Committee is gearing up for the end of the year. Applications are being accepted and the Committee will interview candidates in the first week of May.

Finemaster Jessica McKnight reminded us that, as the Rotary Year winds down, she’s still looking for stories.

Last Friday, Terri Clark told Jessica that she was happy. Terri said that she met Karen online when they were playing Scrabble about a year ago. The two hit it off, and they began corresponding. And now, the online friends are going to meet offline at Wimbledon (yeah, the one in England with the strawberries and cream). It’s going to take place on May 27th, and Terri donated $100 to the Rotary Foundation to commemorate the event.

Cam Appleton has been traveling – he went to Arizona to visit his brother. While in the area, he visited the Grand Canyon and hiked the Rim Trail. He said it was “an early anniversary trip”, so I assume that Lisa was along for the ride.

There is no statute of limitations on Rotary fines, so Jessica hit Charlie Jordan for appearing in “an Arcata newspaper” (uh … which one?) in an article about the placement of Kinetic Koffee in local Murphy’s Markets. Charlie said that she was “very pleased” to pay up, since she has been shopping at Murphy’s since 1981.

“You’ve been one of my low flyers,” said Jessica to Leslie Lawson. Words to make your blood run cold and your checkbook run away. “What’s new with you?” Well, Leslie and Bette have a new roof on the ol’ domicile, and they put together a game room. There’s also a garage and a wood shop, but did I mention that they now have a game room? Leslie declared, “The poker table works great!” More on that soon …

Mark Bruce volunteered the information that his son Adam (who was sitting close by, trying to shush his father) will soon be teaching a music theory class for McKinleyville Parks and Recreation District. Click HERE for details on the class.

Sir Charles Giannini made a $10 announcement that the folks from the Pacific Rim Noodle House recently reopened the drive-thru caffeine station formerly known as the Coffee Depot. The rejuvenated business, located in the parking lot of NAPA Auto Parts (corner of Giuntoli and Valley East), is also offering more substantial foodstuffs. Check ’em out.

Here are the results of the latest edition of the Auction:

The intrepid explorers from our club who traveled to Southeast Asia to participate in the Grand Opening of the Vangtang Village School in Laos brought back many interesting items. Many were donated by the villagers in appreciation of our contribution to the school. Among these were a container that auctioneer Bob Johnson labeled a lunch box, a tote bag, and a knife used in the village. This collection of goodies was picked up by Rob McBeth.

Two bottles of wine – Dogwood Estate Sirah, to be precise – were next on the block. Kathy Fraser was the happy winner here.

Another item donated by the SE Asia team was a lovely shawl. purchased by Jacqueline Debets.

Finally, there were a couple of winners of a poker party for eight, donated by Leslie Lawson. The party will include snacks, beer, wine, and Irish whiskey. If you find out who bought ’em, you may be able to buy in!