March 3, 2017

2016-17 Rotary Theme

Welcome to the Sunrise Spirit –
the Weekly Newsletter of The Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise

 Our Next Meeting

Please join the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise at our Spring Fundraiser on Saturday, March 11th – a grand dinner and auction inspired by the “Phantom of the Opera”!

RISE Calendar …
“Rotary Involvement Strengthens Everyone

March 11 – The RCAS Spring Fundraiser! An elegant dinner with a “Phantom of the Opera” theme.
March 31 – April 1 – District 5130 Training Assembly – Friday night is the Celebration Dinner, and the training sessions will take place on Saturday at Mendocino College in Ukiah
March 25 – Rotary Reforestation Project in Middletown starting at 9 am
May 12-14  – The District 5130 Conference at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort in Incline Village, Nevada

Sunrise Moments

Keeping the Electric Bill Low: President Susan was out of town, so Terri Clark presided over an “unplugged” meeting. The projector was out of commission, so we had no visual aids (other than the screenshots that Terri held up).

Special Daze: Friday was Anniversary Number 16 for Ed and Beth Christians! Ed said that they didn’t have any plans for that day, other than possibly Netflix. They will giving kitchen cabinets as anniversary gifts to one another.

Terri asked Matt Babich if he has any plans for his birthday on March 18th, but Matt said, “I haven’t gotten that far yet.”

Maggie Kraft’s birthday took place on February 5th, and to celebrate, she invited neighbors old and new to join her. “It’s a very small place,” she said, “and there were eight of us.” She didn’t remember much more than that, so it must have been a great party!

Welcoming a New Sunriser: “New” may not be the most accurate term, since Michael Boreing has been a Sunriser in the past. Various obligations caused him to leave our ranks several years ago, but his schedule now allows him to return. Michael has served our Club well in the past, and we are happy that he is back with us.

Phantom of the Opera: Lisa Hemphill said that Karen Burgesser was sidelined by a family emergency, so Lisa has stepped in to organize the decorations, using Karen’s ideas. Any help you can provide next Friday at the Community Center would be greatly appreciated. Lisa said that the Silent Auction and Dutch Raffle are both going very well.

Craig Newman reported that we had just over 30 tables sold as of Friday. He said that 30-35 tables is a good number, since the room feels full, but by all means, please still encourage others to attend.

Lisa reminded us that the dress is formal – no jeans (at least they should be black). Terri said that she talked her husband Marty into wearing a tux, so we are all charged with complimenting him on how dapper he looks.

Please be sure to check the SignUp Genius to find your role or roles for the night!

Whales Ashore and At Sea

Our Featured Speaker was Dawn Goley, a Professor of Zoology at Humboldt State University, the Director of the Marine Mammal Education and Research Program, and she is the HSU Stranding Coordinator for the Marine Mammal Stranding Program. Dawn received her bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, her master’s degree in Biology from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, and her doctorate from UC Santa Cruz, where she studied the behavioral ecology of Pacific white-sided dolphins. She has taught at HSU since 1996. See her presentation below:

From the Marine Mammal Stranding Network: HSU Vertebrate Museum Website:

If you find a stranded or deceased marine mammal in our region, please contact the Marine Mammal Stranding Hotline at 707-826-3650 and we will coordinate an effort to assist the stranded animal or to collect the specimen. The Marine Mammal Protection Act makes it illegal to harass living marine mammals or to collect or possess any parts of deceased marine mammals without proper permits and authorization.

To report a stranded marine mammal please provide the following information:

  1. A description of the animal. Estimate the size, color, and other distinguishing features. Is the animal a seal, sea lion, dolphin, or whale? Is the animal alive or injured? If not, what is the condition of the body (e.g., decomposed, missing parts)?
  2. An accurate description of the stranding location, including the name of the beach and the distance from the nearest parking lot, road or trail.
  3. Record the date and time you last saw the animal. Also, please leave your name and phone number in case you need to be contacted to provide further information.
  4. Please note any other information that may be valuable in finding the animal, or that may have contributed to the injury or death of the animal.

Vertebrate Museum Marine Mammal Stranding Contacts:

Dr. Dawn Goley, Stranding Coordinator
(707) 826-4168 or (707) 826-3650

Dr. Thorvald Holmes, Collections Manager
(707) 826-4872