October 10, 2008

We held a Club Assembly on October 10th, to discuss our Club’s activities.

Romi Hitchcock Tinseth let us know that Arcata High School will have a Job Shadowing program this year, and she sent around sign-up sheets for each of us to list our occupation and whether we would be willing to have a student shadow us. For more information, especially if you missed the sign-ups, contact Romi.

The Foundation Dinner will take place October 18th (this weekend). This Friday may be your last chance to purchase your raffle tickets. 100% of the raffle ticket price is donated to the Rotary Foundation, and it is credited to your Paul Harris Sustaining Fellowship.

Scott Hiller is once again seeking intrepid Sunrisers for an excursion along Samoa Boulevard to collect items that have been cast aside by motorists and others. The next Adopt-A-Highway is set for November 15th (hey – it’s a Saturday this time!). Put it on your calendar today!

October 31st falls on a meeting day this year, so Janice Newman wants you to carve your punkin and bring it with you to the meeting. We’ll have a Jack-O-Lantern contest, and you could be the big winner!

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services lost its safe house to a fire earlier this year. The community responded (including our Club), and the group is holding an appreciation event at the Humboldt Area Foundation on Friday, October 17th. The event will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, and it will include hors d’oeuvres, door prizes, music, wine, and chocolate. Hard to pass up.

Treasurer Kathy Fraser said that quite a few members have still not paid their dues. Remember, we have already forwarded a portion of your dues to Rotary International on your behalf …

The five objectives of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, said Lori Breyer and Bruce LeBel last week are as follows:

  • To further international goodwill and understanding
  • To expand opportunities for educational diversity to the youth of the world
  • To broaden the horizons of cultural understanding
  • To improve Exchange Students’ ambassadorial skills
  • To allow Exchange Students to serve as messengers of peace

Exchange Students are exposed to a different culture than their own. In the process, they have to learn a new way of living, and usually a new language. Bruce noted that his daughter Allegra was sponsored by our club as an Exchanger several years ago. He said that the experience transformed her.

Rotary Youth Exchange began in the 1920’s, and it has been an important component of Rotary ever since. Each year, more than 8,000 young people from 80+ countries participate in the program. Our Rotary District 5130 has been active in the program for about 20 years, arranging between 24 to 28 exchanges annually.

Rotary Exchange Students to our District attend the Raft Trip Orientation, the San Francisco “Blues Buster” weekend, an orientation/ski trip in the winter, and the District Conference in the spring.

Barbara Browning is heading up the Dutch Raffle Committee for this year’s Taste of the Holidays. She divided us into teams of two or three Sunrisers, and we’re supposed to get together and contribute about $25 each toward our offering. (Thanks, Barbara, for not going all alphabetical on us!)

If you have ticket money, don’t be afraid to turn it in to Scott Heller. He is also more than willing to provide you with replacements for the tickets you’ve sold. One of our perennial top sellers, Brian Stephens, is now on leave, so we all have to take up the slack.

Michael Boreing is our resident expert on putting together a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. At least, he is now. He (in cahoots with our Treasurer Kathy Fraser) put in a lot of time setting up the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise Community Foundation.

The Foundation allows us to receive tax-deductible donations for events like A Taste of the Holidays, and our other fundraisers. Michael said that we are the third or fourth club in our District to establish such a foundation. The process began in February of last year.

We are a membership organization, and every Sunriser is also a member of the Community Foundation. The Foundation Officers are the same as our Club Officers, with the addition of the Foundation Vice-President, who is one of the Past Presidents. Most of Club’s committees operate under the Foundation’s auspices, with the exception of those under the Director of Club Service.