October 28, 2016 – Foundation Final Friday!

2016-17 Rotary Theme

This Friday’s Program:
We will hear about our Club’s international reach when we hear from our World Community Service Committee this Friday (November 4th)!

RISE Calendar … “Rotary Involvement Strengthens Everyone
November 17A Taste of the Holidays! Our Fall Favorite Fundraiser returns to help kick off another festive holiday season!
March 11, 2017 – The RCAS Spring Fundraiser! Put it on your calendar now (or as soon as you purchase a 2017 calendar)!!
May 12-14, 2017 – The District 5130 Conference at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort in Incline Village, Nevada

Sunrise Moments

  • President Susan reminded us that one of our ambitious goals for the year is to add 17 new members. Membership Co-chair Tomas Chavez noted that we’ve added two so far, with two more in the “pipeline”. Pretty good so far, but please continue to look for people who you think would make great Sunrisers.
  • Rebecca Crow reported that the RCAS Cross Country Championships were a great success once again. “I got the help I needed,” she told us. “The Arcata High Interactors really came through. They helped with the finish line, and they had a couple of people watching the traffic. It was a really nice day, and a really nice event. We’ll do it again next year. It’s super fun to watch the little kids run.” Thank you, Rebecca, for organizing the event once again!
  • As part of the preparation for the coming Taste of the Holidays, an intrepid band of Sunrisers – Craig Newman, Lisa Hemphill, Cam Appleton, and Ray Noggle – made a frontal assault on our Club’s storage unit, and subdued it. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone …) The team pulled out items needed for the event, but they also reorganized the unit. This involved taking two loads of stuff to the dump and installing three new metal racks, and then restocking all the remaining items and applying rodent bait and spraying spiders. Thank you all!
  • Terri Clark is our Director of Club Service, and she told us that this Avenue of Service encompasses the Membership, Mentorship, Programs, Sergeant-at-Arms, Recognitions, Fellowship, and Public Relations Committees. “Basically,” she said, “Club Service is the underpinning of the Club.” This is the only Avenue that is not funded by the RCAS Community Foundation. The Membership and Mentorship Committees work together to help Sunrisers bring new members into the Club, and help those new members find their way with the assistance of their Mentors. The Sergeant-at-Arms Committee ensures that our meetings run smoothly and that the venue looks great. The PR Committee works to see that non-Rotarians learn about the work that our Club does in the community and around the world. The Recognitions Committee works with President Susan to ensure that the good things that individual Sunrisers accomplish outside of Rotary is appreciated by our fellow members.
  • Currently, the important Taste of the Holidays push is to ensure that we fill the room by selling our tickets. Susan said that it’s an easy sell – you just have to let your colleagues and acquaintances know what a great event it is, and how our Club uses the funds we raise. Don’t forget to share the event on Facebook to let your friends know that you have tickets!

Special Daze!

Chris and Lisa Hemphill celebrated their anniversary on October 18th, and as the Sunrise Spirit previously reported, it was Lisa’s year to orchestrate the festivities. I’m not sure that it was a surprise for Chris, but Lisa said that they attended a wedding in Novato on their anniversary weekend. Before they left town, however, they dined at Folie Douce. Congratulations for 36 years of marriage!

October 14th was Joyce Hinrichs’ birthday, and she said, “I didn’t celebrate the whole month.” But her husband Steve Watson and the family went to dinner early in the week, since he had to be gone on her birthday. Her daughter Lacey and her mother took her to lunch, and a friend took her to dinner on the 14th. Then on Sunday the 16th, they celebrated with a family dinner cooked by Lacey.

Rebecca Crow’s birthday was Sunday, October 23rd, and she enjoyed hanging out with her family. “I was a little tired,” she explained. “I spent Friday night with my son.” They were at a Cub Scout event that started at 11 pm and lasted until 3 am. Rebecca spent Saturday and part of Sunday recovering, but they did a family hike, which contributed to their goal to hike 100 miles over the the course of a year. The family then went out to dinner, and Rebecca received camping supplies for her presents.

Our Exchange Student Judy also celebrated her birthday on October 23rd, and she was at our District’s Rotary Foundation Fandango! In the morning, her host family (Claire Ajina and family) took her to the Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast, and they had a birthday party for Judy before heading to the Elks Lodge for the Foundation event.

Claire Ajina’s birthday was Thursday, October 27th. She received some lovely gifts, including a bracelet from Taiwan that Judy gave her. But the main celebration was scheduled for the following Sunday.

The Judy Report – Expanded Edition – Part II!
We ran out of time during Judy’s presentation the previous Friday, so she picked up where she left off – with Taiwanese delicacies bubble milk tea and stinky tofu! She made some of the bubble milk tea for us to sample, and it was tasty. She did not bring samples of the stinky tofu, which may be just as well. However, Judy did say that “every Exchange Student still wants to try it. I don’t know why!” Once they do try it, they agree – it’s stinky.

Judy said that some people get around Taiwan in cars and trains, but motorcycles are very popular. They are more convenient than cars, since they are easier to park and you can go where you want. They also have a system for renting bicycles that works well, and there are also buses, taxis, and high-speed trains. Judy said that most intersections use roundabouts rather than stop signs. She also said that Taiwan has convenient wifi services throughout the country.

Judy and President Susan
Judy and President Susan

She closed her presentation by presenting a the banner to President Susan from her sponsors, the Rotary Club of Ilan East.

Final Friday Foundation Auction

Before last week’s Foundation Auction, President Susan took a moment to thank Terri Clark for doing such a great job as the chair of our Foundation Committee. But Terri holds another role within our Club – she is heading up the group that is selecting our Peace Project. District Governor Wulff Reinhold asked each Club in District 5130 to develop a project that symbolizes peace, and he had a pin specially designed to show appreciation to Rotarians leading these efforts. Susan presented Terri with the pin that shows a dove along with the Rotary Wheel. Thank you, Terri for all the many things you do for our Club and for the world!

Terri had her own pins to deliver at the meeting. “We made a promise,” she said, “that everybody who donated at least $100 to the Rotary Foundation this year would get a Hundredth Anniversary pin.” Our latest recipients were Susan Diehl-McCarthy, Romi Hitchcock Tinseth, and Praj White.  In addition, two Sunrisers received recognition (and pins) for achieving their second Paul Harris Fellowships – Lynda Moore and Maggie Kraft. Thank you all for your generosity in support of the Rotary Foundation!

Our Final Friday Foundation Auction followed, with the following results:

  • Maggie Kraft brought in a bottle of wine in a burlap sack festooned with jewelry. The winning bidder was Ron Sharp.
  • Rotarian-In-Training Mary Crow is working to achieve her own Paul Harris Fellowship. To that end, she donated two batches of holiday cookies to be delivered as needed to the top bidders – our guest Tim Overturf and President Susan.
  • Alyson Hunter donated a bottle of Syrah that was purchased by Maggie Kraft.
  • Two Haunted HealthSport packages were contributed by President Susan; the winning bidders were Ed Christians and Alyson Hunter.
  • Tomas Chavez provided a cornhole game with prominent Rotary emblems which was purchased by Romi Hitchcock Tinseth.
  • A set of three hand-crafted decorations featuring reclaimed driftwood and succulents was donated by Chris Jelinek. This was acquired by Lori Breyer.
  • Howard Stauffer spent several weeks in Europe, and he brought back a box of French chocolates, semi-direct from Paris. The winning bid was offered by Chris Hemphill.
  • Craig Newman donated a “Bounty of the Sea” package, featuring a cooler full of delicious fish. Claire Ajina and her family will be eating well, thanks to her top bid.
  • Ray Noggle donated a shirt that his wife Holly McDonell made from some special Rotary fabric. He also provided the winning bid, which saved his skin, he tells us.
  • Another “All in the Family” donation and bid started with Lisa Hemphill contributing a year’s worth of flowers from Sun Valley Bulb Farms. The winning bidder? Hubby Chris Hemphill!
  • In addition to her cookies, Mary Crow donated a Halloween package that was purchased by Jeff Stebbins.
  • Maggie Kraft brought two poppy plants, which were claimed by Susan Diehl-McCarthy and Joyce Hinrichs.
  • Finally, a special Trick and/or Treat Package was donated by Joyce Hinrichs, and President Susan picked that up.

Thanks to all the donors and bidders, as well as those who bid up the prices (especially for Ray’s shirt!). Your generosity provided a total of $1,880 for the fantastic work of the Rotary Foundation!