October 31, 2008

The Hallowe’en spirits were in evidence at our meeting on October 31st … at least we had a line-up of Jack O’Lanterns waiting to be judged. But more on that later. OTHER SPECIAL DAZEPresident Mark called on Jacqueline Debets to discuss her anniversary, which took place on September 5th. Her “wonderful husband” Rick Bend treated her to a two-day horseback ride, complete with evening champagne.Bob and Susan Johnson celebrated their anniversary with a visit to a winery. However, there was also mention of a “white trash trailer”, but (this will shock my loyal readers) I missed the details.Hal and Marjorie Fitzpatrick went out for a lovely dinner for their 36th anniversary, on October 21st.
And, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Bob Goodwin, who turned another year older the day before our meeting.
Taste of the Holidays Chair Bob Johnson reminded us that the event is only a couple of weeks away (Thursday, November 20). He introduced his committee:

  • Scott Heller is in charge of Ticket Sales
  • Michael Boreing is heading up Decorating and Setup
  • Barbara Browning is coordinating the Dutch Auction
  • Jim Maher is the Wine Tasting Czar (or Tsar, if you’re old-fashioned)
  • Amy Bohner is corralling the Food Vendors
  • Julie Vaissade-Elcock is taking care of Promotion
  • Bruce LeBel and Bryan Plumley will jointly harangue you into helping with the Clean-Up after the show

If you are one of the few who will not be able to attend and assist at the event, Bob has a “make-up” for you. Please contact him for details.
Exchange Student Kasper Troelsen reported that he had socialized with many Sunrisers recently. He attended a Jack O’Lantern Party at Bob Johnson’s home, Lori Breyer and family treated him to dinner, and he dined with Kathy Fraser as well. The night before our meeting, he visited the Kinetic Lab’s Haunted House, and declared that “it was spooky”!

Visiting Rotarian Kim Bauridel relayed a message of thanks from the Rotary Clubs of Siberia. For several years, Kim has spearheaded the efforts of local Clubs to help the people of the area, and our club has participated. The project includes providing medical equipment to hospitals and support for an orphanage in Minsk.

Rebecca Crow joined our Club recently, and she gave a multimedia Craft Talk last Friday. I read on the screen that she was born October 23, 1973, and her full name is Rebecca Stansel Williams Crow. She is married to Abe Crow, and they have two children – four year old Mary, and Maxx, age two. Rebecca opened her talk with a fanfare … literally. She pulled out a green and brass mini trumpet/cornet, and let fly.

Rebecca was born in Pittsburgh, and raised in Pepperell, Massachusetts. The family lived there until she was a 15 year old sophomore. They relocated to Pleasanton, California, where Rebecca graduated from high school. Rebecca moved to Arcata to attend Humboldt State, where she became a member of the Marching Lumberjacks. Rebecca’s father was an electrical engineer, and she followed in his footsteps, majoring in the subject at HSU.

Following her college graduation, she moved to Baltimore, and worked for MDE. (I think that is the Maryland Department of the Environment, but I’m not certain.) She missed the Humboldt County ambience, and returned to Arcata, where she now works at Winzler and Kelly Consulting Engineers.

Before calling Finemaster Jessica McKnight to the podium, President Mark asked Romi Hitchcock Tinseth about the Foundation Dinner. It seems that she won the big cash prize of $1,000! Congratulations, and by the way, our cut is …

Jessica had a few things to talk about with John Wesa, though. John submitted an entry in the Jack O’Lantern contest that required a bit of dry ice. Apparently, he had a few pieces left over, because there were many reports of suddenly “bubbling coffee” from tables near him.

Don Andrews was recognized for his daughter Sara’s appearance on the special 100th episode of Monk. She played the wife of Eric McCormack (who [SPOILER ALERT!] turned out to be the Bad Guy). Don said that she is also receiving residuals for a Hershey’s commercial.

Brett Johnson told on himself, saying that on Halloween (that very day), he would be receiving keys to his new home!

Club Foundation Chair Terri Clark provided a Polio Plus Update last Friday. Our Club has committed to giving $1,000 for the next few years to help the Rotary Foundation’s final efforts to eradicate polio worldwide. She cited efforts in Afghanistan, where 1.8 million children were recently immunized, and in Pakistan, where the spread of the disease has been stemmed. Larry Myers, a Past Governor of District 5130, said that “local and governmental resistance” is being overcome, but there are still logistical, geographical, and cultural barriers that are prolonging the fight.

Part of our effort to help all of the Rotary Foundation’s great programs is through our Final Friday Foundation Auctions. All of the proceeds go to the Foundation.

The first items last week came from our intrepid travelers to Southeast Asia (who were in Laos to help dedicate a village school that we support), Jessica McKnight and Howard Stauffer. The items were beautiful shawls that were purchased by Jason White and Joyce Hinrichs.

Another item came directly from Vangtang Village, where the Mongkolbury School is located – a woven wicker backpack. This also included a bottle of wine, from this side of the Pacific. Cam Appleton was the high bidder.

Cam was also a donor to the auction, providing a basket of goodies and a large quantity of freshly-pressed apple cider. Joyce Hinrichs provided her second winning bid of the morning!

After the votes were counted, the following individuals were recognized for their pumpkin-carving prowess:

  • Coolest – John Wesa
  • Creepiest – Glenn Tinseth
  • Most Humorous – Kasper Troelsen
  • Best Overall – Katie Breyer