Volume XI, Issue 9: September 2, 2011

ROTARIAN(S) OF THE MONTH(S) President Scott introduced a new feature for his year – each month he will be selecting a “Rotarian of the Month”. He said that these are and will be Sunrisers who have influenced and inspired him. At our last meeting, he doubled down by naming the Rotarian of the Month for July and for August.

July’s honors went to Janice Newman for her current work as our Sergeant-at-Arms, and for all of the time and energy she has put into Rotary over the years. Janice has served her Club in almost every conceivable capacity, and she continues to support Rotary at the District level. The August award was presented to Barbara Browning, who has spearheaded the “Extreme Makeovers” of two local nonprofits – last year’s efforts to help the McKinleyville Family Resource Center, and the help we are continuing to give the Arcata Playhouse. Congratulations to both deserving honorees.
Noëmi Schönenberger, our Rotary Exchange Student from Switzerland, is settling in. Last week she had nearly completed her first week at Arcata High School, and she said, “I really like it.” She has met a lot of new people there. Since she is taking up photography, the Club presented her with a new camera bag.

This weekend, Rotarians from throughout District 5130 will gather at Fortuna’s River Lodge to record a Lip Dub to help promote the 2012 District Conference and the City of Fortuna. A lip dub is a music video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing. The video will feature the song, “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang. If you would like to be part of the action, be at the River Lodge at 4:30 pm Saturday for the rehearsal, and return at 8:00 am Sunday for the taping. Be sure to wear your Sunriser/Rotary attire for the occasion. “Woo-hoo!!”
Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth asked us not to forget HSU’s nationally-televised football game on Thursday, September 8th. It’s the home opener for the Jacks, who will play the Central Washington Wildcats, with the action starting at 5 pm. Coach Rob Smith’s crew comes into the game fresh from a 29-3 win over Mesa State last week.
Other events on the horizon include …
  • 9/17 California Coastal Cleanup Day – possible Adopt-a-Highway date
  • 10/1 Pastels on the Plaza
  • 10/7 Backpacks for Kids Kickoff – we’ll be packing after the morning meeting
  • 10/15 “Hearts on Fire” – Foundation Dinner North at Blue Lake Casino
  • 10/26 2nd Annual Cross Country Championships

Bob Johnson, our official Club Recognizer, has been watching for Rob McBeth for a while now. Rob surfaced last Friday, and Bob seized the opportunity to speak with him about the local Boys and Girls Club. Rob and his company O & M Industries has been helping the club for years, and they were recently honored for yet another contribution. This time, it was a donation to the “It Just Takes One” campaign.

Patrick McCarthy was not in attendance last week, but one of his ideas was. It was a new Recognitions feature called, “How Did I Miss That?” In this instance, pictures of Orrin Plocher and George Jetson were compared. Separated at birth?

Bob J asked about plans for the big Labor Day weekend, and Bob Moore “volunteered” that, “We really don’t have any.” They’ll be staying close to home.

Rina Brodhag had plans, however, and shoes. She was headed that evening to Cave Junction to watch her son (along with other Arcata Tigers) play football. She dressed for the occasion in Tiger-ish attire, including striped shoes. Admittedly, they are white and black, not orange and black, but they will have to do … for now. On Saturday, she was going to head to the big bash at the estate of Sir Charles Giannini.

Bryan Plumley was planning a stay-at-home weekend. He hoped to devote a large portion of his weekend to magically turning a closet into a computer room.

Amy and Steve Bohner were headed south Friday to take in a Giants game. The games was televised and one of the camera operators was the son of a friend. Were they on the tube? Maybe we’ll find out from Bob at the next meeting.

It wasn’t related to Labor Day, but Howard Stauffer provided us with details of his summer excursion to the Yukon. His party went on a canoeing trip down the Big Salmon River. The cold and rain prompted Howard to remark, “We discovered why there aren’t many people in the Yukon.” On the second day, one of the canoes capsized and “the water was pretty cold”. The craft was damaged and they were 12 days journey from civilization, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were preparing a rescue. BUT … along came a Canadian backwoodsman and his hardy family. He helped to repair the boat with wire and duct tape. Although the group had one more mishap, it was not Howard’s canoe that went awry. Howard said, “The fear of falling in that water gave me superhuman canoeing ability.” His vigilance earned him the title of “Safety Officer”.

Susan Seeman is the Program Director for the Arcata Economic Development Corporation. That’s what she does for a living, but in her free time, she volunteers to help organize the Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival. The festival began in 1975, and was expected to be a one-time occurrence. However, its popularity was such that it became a biennial event, and it continues to be a big hit with both the children and the authors.

This year’s edition will take place October 20-22, at schools throughout the county. There will also be an Author Banquet at Cher-Ae Heights on Friday, October 21st, and an Author Signing and Book Sale at the Humboldt County Library the following day. Susan said that 25 authors will be participating this year, with each visiting at least three schools.

She noted that the authors like the festival for three reasons. “We treat them well, they like the camaraderie, and the schools are well-prepared. She encouraged us to volunteer for the committee. She said that the group is well-organized and focused, which makes it easy to accomplish “a huge undertaking”.