September 5, 2008

Craig Newman provided the report on our Rotary Exchange Student from Denmark, Kasper Troelsen. Kasper attended the District 5130 Youth Exchange Orientation and Raft Trip on the Trinity River, making new friends and learning more about his role.

More recently, Craig took him to see a logging operation on Fickle Hill. I’m sure that Kasper got some expert insights from our Favorite Forester. Kasper also attended a fundraiser in District 5110, and went for a jet boat ride on the Rogue River.

Kasper has a Zero Period class at Arcata High, so he won’t be able to attend every meeting. But please remember that if you are planning something of interest – it doesn’t have to be anything special – be sure to consider asking Kasper to come along.

Our Outbound Exchange Student, Eliot Claasen, reported that he has landed in Sabo (?), and he is off to a great start.

Kathy Fraser asked us to thank Susan Johnson for being such a great support for our Exchangers.

Dan Johnson’s birthday was July 27th. That was a while ago, and he said, “I don’t think I did anything.” Upon further review, however, he recalled that he and the fam had been river rafting, and that was the day they came off the river.

Matt and Liz Babich celebrated their 15th anniversary with an unintentionally quiet evening … eventually. “She wanted to go to Cher-Ae Heights, and we made reservations, but…” When they found that their reservations had been mislaid, they tried Larrupin’ Cafe, but without a reservation, that too was no go. After a similarly unsuccessful jaunt to Eureka, they decided to celebrate at a later date.

Charlie Jordan and her husband Mark Ritz anniversaried on September 1st, but I wasn’t in the right acoustical position to hear the details. Sorry.

Bruce and Ellen LeBel’s 31st anniversary was August 31st, and they had a nice dinner at Moonstone Grill.

With Finemaster Jessica in Southeast Asia on official Sunrise Rotary business, it was up to former Finemaster Bob Johnson to make some money for the Club.

He asked, “Hey Donnie Rosebrook – I hear there are some big things going on in your life.” Donnie said that his houseboat is finally in the water. “It’s a lot of work,” he said, “and not as much fun as I thought. The first day, I put my finger through the pontoon.” Getting the boat to the lake was something of an ordeal, as well. It’s 56 feet long and 14.5 feet wide, which meant that special permits were needed – it’s a lane and a half wide! Donnie admitted that he did enjoy it over Labor Day weekend, and he planned to return to the lake last Friday.

For several weeks this summer, e-mails sent to Dan Johnson were being kicked back with “Out of the Office” auto-replies. In addition to river rafting (see SPECIAL DAZE above for very limited details), his family spent time on a houseboat on Lake Shasta. He also went on a tour of the California Coast – a bus ride with 30 kids and 11 dads. They went to Los Angeles, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and other touristy sights. The excursion lasted a total of three weeks.

“I’m not Portuguese,” claimed George Cavinta, “but my children are.” That explained his attendance at the recent event celebrating the feast of St. Anthony at Portuguese Hall. The kicker was that George made the front page of the Arcata Eye.

Barbara Browning is all smiles lately. (Okay, she’s usually all smiles, but still.) She reported that she has a new contract with the Northern California Training Academy. They have asked her to teach her organization method in a series of workshops throughout the north state. Her first stop will be in Butte County, and the program will last at least a year.

Finemaster Bob praised Leslie Lawson for her generosity. At the previous last week’s Final Friday Foundation Auction, she donated a catered night for two in a tipi in the Fieldbrook redwoods. When the bidding was done, she offered a second night to the next-highest bidder. And there’s more news (and it cost Leslie more). She and Bette are adding on – there will soon be an office over the garage. Not enough news yet? Leslie is on jury duty as well.

Sir Charles Giannini informed us that there are still about six openings for the fellowship event that will be held at Dogwood Estates in Willow Creek on Friday, September 19th. Contact him or Janice Newman for details.

There are two Rotary Foundation events coming soon. First is the Foundation Seminar, which will take place on Saturday, September 20th in Fortuna. A few weeks later is the Foundation Dinner – Saturday, October 18th, also in Fortuna at the River Lodge.

There will be a fundraiser next Saturday (September 13th) for the Friends of the Dunes. Click here for more information on the Dune Escape.

Romi Hitchcock Tinseth said that she had received a report from Jessica McKnight from Southeast Asia. It seems that while bicycling through the countryside, Jessica took a wrong turn, and got separated from the group for a while. For more information from our intrepid travelers, click here:

Finally, celebrate Arcata’s 150th Anniversary this weekend! At our meeting on Friday, Guest Speaker Brenda Bishop will discuss the history and the celebration. That evening you can attend Arts Arcata! On Saturday, there will be activities and displays on the Plaza, in conjunction with the Farmers’ Market, and at 11 am, at the statue of McKinley, there will be a special ceremony. At 7 pm, a dance will be held at the Community Center, featuring the Delta Nationals and Bucky Waters.