Volume XI, Issue 19: November 11, 2011

Come to A Taste of the Holidays!
The HROP Restaurant Program is selling holiday pies this fall. The proceeds will help the students attend the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago next May. The group has several items on their menu, so contact Amy Bohner for more information.
The Jerry Paul Arcata Invitational Basketball Tournament (affectionately known as the “A-I-B-T”) will take place Thursday, December 8th through Saturday the 10th. Sunrisers will be called upon to sell programs and t-shirts and to watch the doors for intruders. More details soon.
Other important dates to keep in mind …
November 18th   No Friday Meeting
November 25th   No Friday Meeting
December  8th    Holiday Dinner for Local Foster Youth
December 16th   Madrigal
December 23rd   No Friday Meeting
December 30th    No Friday Meeting
RECOGNITIONS featuring Bob Johnson!!
Saturday, November 5th was Susan Jansson’s birthday. It was a quiet time at the cabin, but it was only 32 degrees in the morning – too cold to fish at first. However, she did manage to hook an adult steelhead, and she has the picture to prove it.
Rob McBeth’s birthday hadn’t actually taken place as of Friday, but Bob knew that we wouldn’t have the chance to talk with him until December. So … Rob had “no big plans” for the weekend (his birthday was Monday). These included watching football and going to work on the big day. 
Bob pointed out that, if we were meeting this Friday, we would be celebrating Mark Bruce’s birthday with him. But Mark has a full day of court that day. As he said, “I’ll practice my profession all day long.”
Bob then checked in with several Sunrisers, asking about their plans for Thanksgiving:
  • Julie Vaissade-Elcock has nothing special planned. The family will come for dinner, and there will be football games to follow …
  • Jason White will be at his mother-in-law’s house in Arcata. Since Saint Bernard’s football team are likely candidates for the playoffs, he will spend some of the time working with the team and mapping our strategies …
  • As a new member, Dewey Kiefer is looking forward to getting to know his fellow Sunrisers better. As for the holidays, he plans to spend time with family and friends. He and his family will be traveling at Christmastime.
  • Brody Johnson said that he and his Mom and Dad (Sunriser Dick) will be traveling to Sacramento over the holiday week to visit Brody’s brother James and his Aunt Geri Anne.
  • Jessica “Whoo-hoo” McKnight said that now that her sister has moved to the area, it would seem to make sense that a big family holiday would be in order. However … she is traveling to Mexico for the holidays instead. Christmas, maybe?
  • It’s off to Red Bluff for Ceva and Doug Courtemanche for Thanksgiving. They’ll be with Doug’s family, and the feast will have Hawaiian touches. Ceva said that her Mom gets the couple for Christmas.
  • Things are a bit up in the air for Rina Brodhag. If I heard correctly, I think that she plans to head for Springville, Oregon to be with family. If I got it wrong, I’ll let you know …
You all know when and where, and you’re providing the how, but here’s the “who”. Our hats are off to the TOTH Committee:
Brenda Bishop, Event Chair
Jim Maher, Tickets
Amy Bohner, Vendors
Ceva Courtemanche, Decor
Barbara Browning, Raffle 
Dan Johnson, Cleanup
Craig Newman, Interact Coordinator
Thanks to all of you for your hard work, and we’ll see you Thursday!!