Volume XI, Issue 38: April 27, 2012

Rotarian of the Month
President Scott announced his selection for Rotarian of the Month for April last Friday – Brenda Bishop! Brenda has worked tirelessly this year, scheduling (and sometimes rescheduling) our weekly programs, and she worked hard on A Taste of the Holidays. Great job, Brenda!!

Attention would-be Visiting Rotarians and/or Guests: Our Club will not be meeting at our usual venue this Friday. Instead, we are holding Fireside Meetings – our annual planning sessions held in the evening with small groups. Please join us next week, as we resume our regularly scheduled programming …
As is our tradition, our farewell party for Exchange Student Noëmi Schönenberger will take place at the annual Kids, Crabs, and Rotary celebration at the Arcata Ballpark on Sunday, June 5th. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, we invite Little Leaguers from throughout Humboldt County to join us for the Humboldt Crabs’ Opening Weekend. The Sunrisers serve hot dogs and other picnic treats to the kids (and the players) as we celebrate the beginning of the baseball season.
Recognitions With Bob Johnson
Bob was finally able to catch up with Rotarian of the Month Brenda Bishop. He had heard of an “altercation” that had taken place at the Sacramento Hyatt not long ago. Brenda said that she was staying at the hotel for a gathering of California Welcome Center officials, and she wanted to take photos of the beautiful architecture in the neighborhood, including the State Capitol Building. So she took her camera with its looong telephoto lens to the top of the hotel and began shooting. Apparently, the State Police thought a different type of shooting might be taking place, and soon they had Brenda surrounded. They told her to drop the camera, but her reply was, “Are you kidding? This is a $3,000 lens!” So she ever-so-gently laid it down, and no one was hurt. 

Attorney Mark Bruce was paired with District Attorney Paul Gallegos for a recent career talk at a local elementary school. Mark said that he does what he usually does when young people express an interest in becoming lawyers. “I try to talk them out of it. I don’t need more competition!”
Lynda and Michael Moore celebrated their 27th anniversary on April 20th. The couple enjoyed an anniversary weekend in Willow Creek.
Barbara Browning’s birthday was April 23rd, and she celebrated with a small party that involved pizza. The next day, she held a painting party, which provided a good start for the project.
Bob’s Entertainment Update included a few items that have now passed their freshness date (including his own announcement about the Living Rooms performing at the Robert Goodman Tasting Room last Friday). However, it did provide an opportunity to let the world (or at least Our Club) know that Bob Goodman has also opened a Juice Bar that also serves sandwiches. Check it out when you can …
Foundation Final Friday!!

Susan Jansson and Kathy Fraser were recognized for their generosity. Susan received recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow for her contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Kathy was already a PHF, but her additional donations allowed her to name her husband Bill as a Paul Harris Fellow as well. Congratulations and a “Tip of Paul’s Hat” to both Sunrisers!

Kathy, Terri, and Susan

Foundation Chair Terri Clark said that this year’s Rotary International Convention will be held from May 6th through the 9th in Bangkok, Thailand. She and her husband Marty Lay plan to attend – it will be Terri’s 10th Convention and Marty’s 5th. She advised us to begin saving for the next one, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. Terri says that the Conventions are a great experience.

As part of the Foundation Final Friday Experience, we held an auction last week. All of the proceeds are donated to the Rotary Foundation.  Half of the amount of each winning bid is credited toward the donor’s Paul Harris Sustaining Fellowship, while the other half goes toward the buyer’s Fellowship.
Laura Montagna provided a set of books on the history of Humboldt County; the winning bidder was Kathy Fraser. Kathy also donated a prize – a gift certificate for a pair of shoes from North Soles Footwear. The winner was Jessica McKnight.
Rotary Kid Mary Crow said that she wants to earn her own Paul Harris Fellowship, and she got her start by donating a plate of home-baked cookies that were purchased by Your Editor (and they were delicious). Rina Brodhag brought a crafty gift of six note cards in a paper crafted objet d’art. Frequent bidder/purchaser Joyce Hinrichs topped the bidding.

Janice Newman donated a set of three CDs, each of which featured one of her two sons (Ryan and Michael). Music lover Terri Clark snapped those up quickly. Orrin Plocher brought a wooden motorcycle model that had been crafted by his father. This piece of Plocher-Art was purchased by President Scott.

Brenda Bishop said that the California Welcome Center, which houses the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, offers the works of many local artists and craftspeople. She donated two birdhouses created by Linda Miller. One was purchased by Rebecca Crow, and the other went to Ceva Courtemanche.

A tote bag containing several hair care products and a pricey hair dryer was provided by Julie Schaefer. When President Scott passed, Donnie Rosebrook provided the top bid. Dan Johnson donated a cast iron skillet filled with barbecue goodies such as Buffalo Bark and a baster. Susan Jansson won that package. Ron Sharp donated the final auction item of the day – a framed landscape photo in conservation framing. Karen Burgesser took home this lovely prize.

In all, $1,100 was raised in support of the Rotary Foundation’s many great programs.