Volume XI, Issue 45: June 22, 2012

Angelo Baciagaluppi is now a Blue Badger! When he gave his
Craft Talk on June 15th, Angelo completed the final requirement for
full Sunrise Status. President Scott retrieved his temporary Red Badge,
replacing it with the coveted shiny new Blue Badge. Congratulations, Angelo!
George Cavinta announced that we provided the Humboldt Crabs
organization with a check for $1,000. The funds will allow several
underprivileged youth to attend their baseball camps this summer. George was
told that this year’s camps will be the biggest ever.
Craig Newman gave a Youth Exchange update. He noted that,
although last Friday was Noemi’s last meeting with us, our Exchange Student for
2012-2013 will be arriving soon. Her name is Punyanuch Sillapajam, but she
prefers to be called “Fa”. The details of Fa’s arrival will emerge over the
next few weeks.
Noëmi ’s Farewell Address
Noëmi is taking President Scott’s heart with her …
Friday was Noëmi ’s last meeting with us (as an Exchange
Student). “I had so much fun,” she said. She thanked the Club, along with her
host families. Her father Alex, her mother Daniela, and her brother Yannic were
also at Friday’s meeting! Noëmi prepared a video farewell and thank you, which
she titled “A Year Through the Eyes of and Exchange Student”. Here is the link
to the show: NOEMI.
We will miss you, Noëmi . Please be sure to visit us soon …
and often!
Rotarian of the Month … and ROY!
Your Editor was President Scott’s surprise selection for
June’s Rotarian of the Month, so objective reporting is out of the question. Fortunately,
Scott also announced his selection for ROY, or “Rotarian of the Year” – Bob
Are you sure that’s me?
Bob is a charter member and former Club President, and he
has been very active for all of those years. He brought the Taste of the
Holidays to our Club, and he chaired the event for many years. This year, he
has been most visible as the Chief Recognizer, bringing his distinctive style
to the task. Scott prepared a “Rotarian of the Year” video tribute to Bob –
just click here: ROY
ROY Recognizes Others …
Bob Johnson remained “on stage” as the meeting moved into
its Recognition segment. First, Bob asked Julie Vaissade-Elcock to discuss a
recent Times-Standard article she wrote explaining HARP loans. Sir Charles
Giannini chimed in, noting that he had recently refinanced his home … or his
daughter’s home …
We then saw a 3-second video of Orrin “O.P.” Plocher riding
a wooden rocking horse that he recently built. O.P. said that he uses the horse
often – “I just sit on it and watch TV.” If the video goes viral, he may be
watching himself!
Ian Schatz apparently has several aliases, including Mr.
Sowerberrie, the Professor, and Amahl. These are all roles he has played in his
acting career with the Ferndale Repertory Theatre. All three characters can be
found in musicals: Mr. Sowerberry is from “Oliver!”, the Professor is found in
“South Pacific”, and the last is the title character from “Amahl and the Night
Another “Singing Sunriser” is Mark Bruce, who did some minor
braggin’ on his son Adam, who is studying Physics at U.C. Berkeley. Mark said
that Adam is working with last year’s Nobel Prize winner, Saul Perlmutter. Dr.
Perlmutter recently published a paper on his research, with Adam credited as a
Another Rotary Kid Scholar, Kayla Watson, was fodder for
braggin’ by her mudder, Joyce Hinrichs. Kayla recently graduated from college
and plans to do post-graduate work in Speech Pathology.
Kyle Visser was back – he was teaching a morning class for
his church during the school year, which meant that he was unable to join us at
our meetings. Kyle was feeling proud himself – his wife Natalie recently
graduated from her nursing program and passed her state boards.
Winding Down
Last week was not Scott’s last meeting as Club President,
but it was the last one he would have any control over. Sooooo … he seized the
opportunity. We all received Arcata Sunrise 20th Anniversary pins and
a bottle of “Pinot for Polio” wine – the corresponding donation to the Rotary
Foundation was credited to each of our Paul Harris Fellowship accounts. Wow! It
was yet another example of Scott’s generosity and his commitment to
Rotary’s ideals.
Terri with Robin
Foundation Chair Terri Clark asked Robin Meiggs to step
forward. Robin is the coach of the Humboldt State Women’s Crew team and she is
also President Scott’s better half. Now, she is also our newest Paul Harris
Fellow. In accepting the honor, Robin told us how much Rotary has meant to
Scott, especially during his term as Club President. Rotary changes lives,
Showing Rotary on every dive …
Scott announced that he will take a 3 month sabbatical
beginning in September. He plans to travel to Honduras to pursue his divemaster
certification. President Scott closed our meeting with a video recapping his
presidential year. I strongly encourage you to take the a few moments and take
a look at it by clicking here.
Thanks, Scott, and best wishes for a successful debunking …
A bonus photo of Bob and Scott – Your account will not be charged.

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