Volume XII, Issue 12: September 27, 2013

Emma and Alex

A Moment With Alex
Last Friday, Exchange Student Alex Rialet said that he had enjoyed a normal weekend. He took a walk along the beach with his host family, the Baciagaluppis. Following that, his host sister Emma took the time to dress up Alex.

Please be sure that the following dates are marked on your calendars:

  • October 4 – Backpacks for Kids starts up again
  • October 5 – Fellowship Opportunity – Tailgate Party at HSU Football. Approximately 4 pm in the Lower Lot. (This is also the 45th Reunion for the Marching Lumberjacks!)
  • October 12, 13, & 14 – SWOT Operation at the Boys & Girls Club in Eureka. Click here to sign up.
  • October 15 – The Big Reveal at the Boys & Girls Club.
  • November 21 – A Taste of the Holidays

The votes are in, and the theme for the next Spring Fundraiser is … Pirates!  Aye, me mateys – we’ll be lookin’ to pack in the doubloons and like swag, so send yer trusty parrot to the dry cleaners and polish yer peg leg, ’cause we be settin’ sail soon …

Ceva Courtemanche hosted a Rotary Foundation version of Jeopardy! for the Recognitions segment of our meeting. The contestants were Ron Sharp, Karen Burgesser, and Craig Reed. Here are the answers they were faced with – how well would you do? The correct responses to all nine answers are at the bottom of the page, and remember to phrase your response in the form of a question:

The Rotary Foundation
$100 – It’s the fund that promotes education, health, and peace throughout the world
$200 – Moneys are distributed to specific local and international projects through this                        process
$300 – Through these, Rotarians are able to sponsor educational opportunities for our future            leaders of peace and health

Polio Plus
$100 – 1984
$200 – Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan
$300 – This foundation granted $350 million and challenged Rotarians worldwide to raise                  another $200 million to eradicate polio

Other Ways to Make a Difference
$100 – In addition to treasure, this is a wonderful way to give
$200 – “The power is in the numbers” and “The more, the merrier” are two expressions that               illustrate a way you can contribute without spending a dime
$300 – This is one of the easiest ways to make a donation when you “can’t take it with you”

Karen was the big winner, with Ron and Craig tying for second. 

Special Days
Charlie Jordan and Mark Ritz celebrated their 11th anniversary on September 1st. They went to Willow Creek, where “there was no internet and very little cell [service], it was great”.

For their 28th anniversary, Joyce Hinrichs told us the she and husband Steve Watson “did nothing together”. Joyce was with their daughters, and she had performed a wedding ceremony that day. They talked on the phone, and Steve wished Joyce a “Happy Birthday” – a long-standing joke between the two of them.

Ian Schatz’s birthday was the previous Friday, and he told us that he and his family went out to dinner a couple of times over the weekend. “It was nice,” he said.

Former GSE Team Member, Current Sunriser
Craig Reed was a member of our District’s Group Study Exchange Team that traveled to Japan in 2010. He said that the GSE program allows young professionals who are not Rotarians the opportunity to experience industry, culture, and Rotary in a different country. Craig said that the experience immerses the team members in Rotary. Some of his fellow GSE team members had been active in Rotaract Clubs, so they had more experience with Rotary, but he came to the project without much knowledge of Rotary and its programs. 

Craig Reed

Craig said that for his first host family, every day was Baseball Day. They watched baseball every day, and that provided a way for Craig to relate to them. He said that they also had a fantastic garden, which had won awards from a magazine.

Craig told us that the GSE team was made to feel welcome everywhere they traveled. The people in Japan were very interested in talking with the team members. Children were especially eager to interact with the Americans.

At a tour of a Japanese fire station, the group dressed in firefighters’ turnouts, and they were shown a the effects of a simulated fire to a three-story building. They were able to see what was happening because one wall of the building was removed. One of the firemen was particularly interesting to the female members of the GSE team. They quickly nicknamed him “#1 Beautiful Person” (in Japanese, of course). The other firefighters were mystified, saying that the Japanese girls don’t like him. The group also toured the Koito factory, where they saw the history of automotive headlight technology. 

Other highlights of the adventure included a trip up Mt. Fuji, where they discovered that the road builders had designed the pavement with patterned grooves that cause an automobile’s tires to play a song as it travels toward the peak. Craig insisted that if you travel to Japan, you should attend a professional soccer game. “The crowd is so into it,” he said. “They were chanting, and doing cheers the whole time.”The team was also treated to a session with one of Japan’s premier calligraphers.

One of the last photos Craig showed was of the GSE team out collecting funds for the Rotary Foundation. They collected over $100 that day alone.

The Foundation Auction
As is our wont, we held an auction to raise funds for the Rotary Foundation. All of the proceeds go to the Foundation, with half being credited to the donor’s Paul Harris Sustaining Fellowship account, while the other half goes toward the purchaser’s account. Here are last Friday’s items:

  • Karen Burgesser donated a whimsical basket containing a ceramic owl coffee mug, a create-your-own yo-yo kit, and other fun items. Jeff Stebbins was the winning bidder.
  • Susan Jansson provided another basket filled with HealthSport goodies, including (but not limited to) a gift card, workout clothing, and a water bottle. Our winner was Joyce Hinrichs.
  • Karen Burgesser and Ceva Courtemanche donated a bouquet of sweet treats, which was dubbed an “Early Adult Halloween Basket” by a member of the crowd. Ian Schatz walked away with the goodies. 

Thanks to all who donated, purchased, and ran up the bids. Thanks to you, we raised another $250 for the Rotary Foundation!

Don’t forget to check below to see how well you did in Foundation Jeopardy!

Foundation Jeopardy! Questions
The Rotary Foundation
$100 – What is the Rotary Foundation?
$200 – What are Matching Grants?
$300 – What are Ambassadorial Scholarships?

Polio Plus
$100 – What year did Rotary International begin its campaign to eradicate polio?
$200 – What are the last three countries where polio remains to be eradicated?
$300 – What is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

Other Ways to Make a Difference
$100 – What is to volunteer your time?
$200 – What is to recruit a new Rotarian?
$300 – What is to become a Benefactor?