Volume XII, Issue 16: October 26, 2012


Last Friday, we heard from our Exchange Student from Thailand, Fa Sillapajarn. Fa said that her recent trip to San Francisco with her fellow District 5130 Exchangers was “really fun”. The group traveled to the Bay Area the previous Friday, and the evening was spent playing basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Then they were off to the City, taking in Union Square, Chinatown, and Pier 39. On Sunday, she went to the Oakland Coliseum to watch the Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime. Fa also told us that she plans to don an angel costume for Halloween.

Angelo Baciagaluppi said that Mad River Brewing Company will be selling tickets for A Taste of the Holidays at its Blue Lake Tap Room. How are your ticket sales going? Remember, TOTH is one of only two fundraisers that help our Club do all of our important work in the community and around the world.

A few short notes … Bob Goodman said that the Tasting Room at Robert Goodman Winery now includes a full bar … The Club received a note from North Coast Children’s Services, thanking us for our participation in the recent Pastels on the Plaza … November has five Fridays, so we will hold a Fifth Friday Fellowship meeting on Saturday, November 24th. We will meet at 7 pm to attend the HSU Jacks basketball game vs. Holy Names University. Due to space limitations, the meeting will be limited to Sunrisers and their family members only. Thanks to Dan Collen for setting this up …

Colin’s Cheese

Colin Swenson, our Outbound Exchange Student, sent news from Trieste, Italy. “This weekend I will participate in The Barcelona, one of the largest sailing regattas in the world with around 2,000 boats participating each year. I’ve also been spending a lot of my free time doing photography, one of my hobbies.” He sent along some of his photos, one of which “a hunk of Parmesan cheese”, seen here.

We love Craft Talks – where new Sunrisers get up and let the rest of us get to know something about them. Last week, it was Dewey Kiefer’s turn. Although he was born in Bend, Oregon some 43 years ago, Dewey has lived on the North Coast since he was a kid. He and his wife Kathy have two daughters (and if their names are wrong, please let me know). Shayla is a senior at Arcata High School, and Jessica is in eighth grade at Sunny Brae Middle School. 

Dewey has worked at Myrtletown Lumber for 6 years, and he appreciates the teamwork he enjoys there. He has worked in lumber mills in the past, and his career goal is to become a designer “at some point”.He enjoys fishing, and he is a fan of the Raiders and the Yankees.

Dewey joined our Club because he wanted to do something for the community, and he has known Bryan Reeser and Donnie Rosebrook for quite a while. Why fight the inevitable?

Joyce Hinrichs celebrated her birthday on October 14th … and then some. She ran in the Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon on her birthday, but her travels began the Thursday before. Those travels included stops in San Francisco (the race venue), Santa Rosa, and Sacramento. While in Sacramento, she was the Keynote Speaker at the Annual Training Conference of the California State Foster Parent Association, providing “A View From the Bench”. Joyce also chaired a workshop at the conference. She said that Halloween would mark the “official end” of her birthday season.

Rebecca Crow celebrated her birthday by going to a “movie in the theater – without kids”. The family also took her out to dinner and provided presents. “Max got me a Lego set!” she said, and Mary gave her some lotions and other goodies from Bubbles.

Cam & Terri

The recognition session was hosted by Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth, and it was very interesting. However, it may not translate well to this blog. She had all of us hold up all of our fingers (I’m pretty sure we averaged five per hand). She then listed various activities, and told us to put one finger down each time she named an activity  we had not participated in. As a group, Sunrisers are an interesting and adventurous lot, because a lot of fingers remained aloft for quite a while. 

Foundation Chair Terri Clark got the Rotary Foundation portion of the show off to a great start by presenting Cam Appleton with an award for being District 5130’s Youth Exchange Rotarian of the Year! Congratulations, Cam! 

She also presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to Jayce Shultz, the grandson of Cindy Sutcliffe. Terri said that Jayce is the second youngest Paul Harris Fellow from our Club. (The youngest, of course, is Terri’s grandniece, Faye, who received the honor almost prenatally!)
As is our custom, we held an auction to raise Foundation Funds, and here is a list of the items, and the generous donors and bidders:

  • Kathy Fraser provided a gift certificate for North Soles Footwear. This was picked up by Lori Breyer.
  • Lynda Moore won a catered dinner for six plus two at her home. The donation came from Jessica McKnight and James Hitchcock (they are the plus two).
  • A truly frightening Orrin Plocher (see the photo) donated a large bucket of Halloween candy, which was purchased by Dewey Kiefer.
  • Donnie Rosebrook pitched in four tickets to the HSU Lumberjacks final home football game, along with t-shirts. Joyce Hinrichs snapped those up.
  • A handmade traditional outfit from Pakistan’s Swat Valley was donated by Brenda Bishop. The winning bidder was Matt Babich.
  • Rotary Kid Mary Crow is working hard to become a Paul Harris Fellow, so she and her mother Rebecca donated two batches of 5 dozen holiday cookies each to be baked to order. Joyce Hinrichs and Amy Bohner will be enjoying the baked delights, thanks to their high bids.
  • Brenda Bishop’s second contribution (of three total) to the auction was two dozen Halloween-themed cupcakes … under glass! Donnie Rosebrook scored those.
  • Angelo Baciagaluppi donated two certificates. each good for two hours of computer service of any sort. The winners were Lynda Moore and Susan Jansson.
  • A “Big Basket O’ Stuff” was donated by Dan Johnson. It included candy, a yard ornament, and many other goodies. This was purchased by Bryan Reeser.
  • Brenda Bishop’s last (but definitely not least) contribution of the day was a container filled with “Witch’s Brew”, also known as homemade Kahlua. The package included martini glasses in a Halloween motif. Ceva Courtemanche was the winner.
  • The final package of the morning was a “Girl Stuff Basket”, donated by Julie Schaefer. The basket included nail polish, body spray, and other such finery. The high bidder was Rina Brodhag.

Once again, thank you to all the donors and to the bidders. Thanks to you, the Rotary Foundation has an additional $1,100 for its fine work throughout the world!

Jayce with Cindy and Terri