Volume XII, Issue 2: July 19, 2013

“Putting the FUN in Rotary”

The Fa Report

The Camera-Shy Exchangers

Fa has returned from the Rotary Exchange Tour known as the Western States Safari. The first stop on the adventure was Santa Rosa, where she stayed the night with a fellow Exchanger. The next day, the group went to San Francisco, where Fa did some shopping. From the Bay Area, they traveled to Southern California. They went to Universal Studios, which Fa said, “was almost my favorite”. The Exchangers then overnighted in Los Angeles before going to Disneyland. Fa has been there before, but she had a great time. She said the fireworks were cool. After seeing the sights in San Diego, it was off to the Grand Canyon. They walked about 18 miles to the bottom, and “it was so hot”. But that was nothing compared to walking up – “Oh, my gosh!”
The trip was all “so cool”. Fa said that she took almost 3,000 pictures on the trip!

Several Sunrisers and North Bay Rotaractors converged on Samoa Boulevard last week to perform our first Adopt-A-Highway of President Jessica’s year. Among the treasures they uncovered were a couple of animal carcasses and some lace undies. (These were not found together, mind you.)

You should have already received the invoice for your annual dues. As always, you have the option of paying the entire amount, or paying half now and the balance in December (or before). Please be sure to get your payment in quickly, however, to save Treasurer Bryan Reeser a lot of hassle. (You will also dodge a visit from Rocco, who isn’t a Rotarian, and who does not believe in the Four-Way Test.)

Tomas Chavez, who chairs the Recognitions Committee, said that his crew is starting the year with the “low-lying fruit”. I don’t know whether Angelo Baciagaluppi was offended by that characterization, but he led off by telling us about the recently-completed renovation to his home in Trinidad. He was happy to complete the work when he did, because his family will host our Exchange Student from Italy starting next month.

Tomas then asked new first-time dad Kyle Visser to come up and “do a little bragging” about his family and his business. The past few months have been a busy time for Kyle. He moved his company ShredTec to a new building in Eureka, he graduated from Humboldt State University, he bought a new home in McKinleyville, and he and his wife Natalie welcomed their first child Damon. At the ribbon cutting ceremony for ShredTec’s new location in April, the company also received an award for being the first Certified Green Business in Eureka.

Dawn Elsbree was recognized for two recent trips she made to celebrate her 50th birthday. First, she went on a dive trip with all her kids and her husband in the Cayman Islands. More recently, she went backpacking in Banff and Jasper National Parks – 60 miles in 6 days!

Bryan and Susan Reeser celebrated their recent anniversary with a trip to Trinity Lake with Donny and Jennifer Rosebrook and their families. Bryan lamented that “we don’t get a lot of romance” in such a family setting. On their anniversary, the couple got up for a 5-mile run. “It was just the two of us,” he said, “and it’s something we like to do.”

Amy said that she and her husband Steve have just returned from an “Airstream Adventure” as far as Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. After completing a big remodel in Trinidad, they were ready for a vacation. Amy said that she and Steve are “big fans of whiskey”, so one of the highlights was sippin’ their way along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. She brought back a bottle for President Jessica, in “the perfect size to put in her coffee this morning”.

Romi Hitchcock Tinseth reminded Tomas that her birthday was July 16th. She celebrated with Fa, but her main reason for mentioning it was to remind us that she and her husband Glenn have a gala 25th anniversary party planned for July 27th. She said that if you are in the vicinity (near Wildberries), you will probably be aware of the party, if you are not drawn in gravitationally. We are all invited, and you are encouraged to wear a wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dress, tuxedo, or whatever suits you. The festivities begin at 6 pm this Saturday.

Laughing Yoga: Rotary Goes to Kindergarten
We closed our meeting with a game called “People to People”, followed by a short session of Laughing Yoga. 

People to People involves pairing up with another participant and following the leader’s instructions for “pressing the flesh”. For example, if the leader says, “Toe to toe.”, you and your partner position your toes against each other. Fortunately, we weren’t instructed to do anything too awkward or suggestive.

Then Barbara Browning led us in a few exercises from the yoga technique developed by Madan Kataria, a physician from India. We practiced The Sprinkler, and Cell Phone Laughing. There were others, but Your Editor was working hard to release his endorphins, and could not be reached for comment.