Volume XII, Issue 20: December 14, 2012

President George, aka Kahuna Kavinta, reminded us last Friday that we are part of an incredible organization – 1.2 million Rotarians working around the world to accomplish Rotary’s mission:
… to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world
understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business,
professional, and community leaders.

Fa Sillapajarn, our Club’s Exchange Student from Thailand, told us about her week. She went to Bayshore Mall with her host family (the Swensons) to shop for Christmas gifts, then she saw the “Life of Pi” in 3-D. Fa said that she has also been doing some cooking.

The Kahuna gave a shout-out to the Arcata Tigers Basketball Team, which won its Arcata Invitational Basketball Tournament for the first time since 2009.

Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth told us that the AHS College and Career Center’s Pancake Breakfast, held in conjunction with the AIBT, was once again a resounding success, with a lot of volunteers working hard all morning to keep up with the demand. The event raised $5,000 for the Center.

Angelo Baciagaluppi told us that he has changed jobs. He is no longer with Nylex, but is now with Network Management Services, where he is an Systems Engineer. He also said that he is now the proud owner of a Subaru BRZ. He said, “I got the car I wanted.”

For Your Calendar

  • 12/21 – Meeting: The ArMack Madrigal Singers will provide holiday music
  • 12/28 – No meeting this week – go easy on the eggnog
  • 1/4     – Meeting: Our first of 2013, with news about the newest Plocher – Alexander!
  • TBA    – We present Dictionaries to local third graders
  • 1/11   – Meeting: A report on Scott Heller’s Honduras Adventure
  • 1/18   – Meeting: Community-Supported Art, with Anne Bown-Crawford, of AAI
  • 1/25   – Rotary Youth Exchange Ski Trip & Outbound Orientation
  • 1/25   – Meeting: Fourth Foundation Friday!

Craft Talk: Tomas Chavez
One of the duties of a new Sunriser is to give a brief presentation introducing himself or herself to the Club, in what we call a “Craft Talk”.  Last Friday, it was Tomas Chavez’s turn.

Tomas Chavez

Tomas was born August 11, 1982 in Bellflower, California. When he was five, his family moved to Hesperia, in San Bernardino County. Tomas said that he enjoyed a “strong family base” as he grew up. He is very close to his sister, even though she is nine years younger than he is.

When he was 18 years old, Tomas moved to Humboldt in 2000 to attend HSU, figuring that he would get his degree and move back to Southern California. However, the area held its allure for Tomas, and here he stayed after he graduated in 2005.

During much of that time, Tomas was dating Heidi, who had also attended Hesperia High. Between, 2000 and 2009, Heidi moved to Humboldt County, and the couple began living closer and closer. In 2009, Tomas and Heidi were married. In 2011, their son Cruz was born.

Tomas worked for two local Best Western motels part time while attending school, then full time following his graduation. He was looking for a change in 2006, so he went to Sequoia Personnel Services to see what might be available. At the end of his meeting, he started to leave, but was called back in. He was offered a position as a Personnel Consultant. He has been very happy there, noting that there is very little turnover, and he has the opportunity to help people every day.

Romi’s Recognitions
Our Recognition Leader last Friday was Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth, who called on Past President Scott Heller. He said that while he was earning his divemaster certification, he incidentally asked Robin Meiggs if she would marry him. Oh, did I mention that the proposal took place underwater? Robin agreed, but she did write on the whiteboard, “Did you get my parents’ permission?”

Brenda Bishop had a recent change of employers. She now serves as the Executive Director of Humboldt Domestic Violence Services. “It’s a lot different from the [Arcata] Chamber [of Commerce],” she noted.

We heard that Rotary Kid Mary Crow has joined a volunteer organization – the Brownies! That’s awesome, Mary!!

Don Rosebrook is very proud of his wife, Jennifer. She was named 2012 California History Teacher of the Year for the outstanding work she does at Arcata High School. Don said that she realizes that this is a Big Deal – “It’s not like it’s Wyoming!”

Brandi Easter started a new tradition this Thanksgiving – crabbing! She said that several people went out, with groups segregated by gender. Although one of the women ended up in the water briefly, she climbed back into the boat and refused to return to dry land. That was representative of the spirit that allowed the women to outfish the men.

Coordinating the Response to Domestic Violence
Our Guest Speaker last Friday was Kim Schneider, the Crisis Director for Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (HDVS). Kim’s main topic was the Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team, or DVERT. She noted that, although the program is “not as enhanced as we could be,” the group does work well with other agencies, including the District Attorney’s office. The program provides a coordinated response to violent acts, but it also serves as a gateway to the victims’ compensation fund.

Kim Schneider

Kim said that HDVS is very successful in providing services to survivors of domestic violence, and she added that the process (for survivors) is grueling. The organization was founded in 1997, and serves as one of the first responders to domestic violence situations. The agency may receive a call on its crisis line from a survivor, or it may be contacted by law enforcement. Frequently, Kim will ride along with Eureka Police officers, and she provides assistance in crisis situations (not all of which involve domestic violence).

The group’s goal is to provide an immediate response to survivors, which in turn increases the likelihood of that survivor fully participating in the program. HDVS provides counseling, assistance in obtaining restraining orders, safety planning, and financial assistance. Kim emphasized that domestic violence is not limited to man on woman, nor is it limited to heterosexual relationships. 

For more information, visit Humboldt Domestic Violence Services online. Their Crisis Line is 707-443-6042 or toll-free 866-668-6543.