Volume XII, Issue 21: December 21, 2012

A Word From Fa!

Fa Sillapajarn, our Exchange Student from Thailand told us that she had dyed her hair over the previous week. “My host father took about 100 pictures!” Some of those photos made their way to Facebook, and thus to the Sunrise Spirit. President George told Fa that the Club’s Christmas present is the AHS yearbook.

President George reminded us that the New Year will bring the preparations for the Spring Fundraiser. It’s an all-hands affair, as always, and it will be held on March 9, 2013. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Terri Clark is a former Governor of District 5130, and during her gubernatorial reign, she and her colleagues devised a “Kahuna” pin, featuring the Rotary emblem. She presented one of the pins to our own Kahuna Kavinta in honor of his service.

Terri then presented our newest Paul Harris Fellow. Ron Sharp received the honor, due in large part due to a gift from his wife, President-Elect Barbara Browning. Congratulations to both Ron and Barbara!

Special Days
Sir Charles Giannini (a.k.a. “Chuck”) and his lovely wife Barbara celebrated 41 years of marriage on December 11th – sorta. Chuck said that he attended a Planning Commission meeting that evening, but they were able to have a wonderful anniversary dinner on the 12th.

 Two of our favorite Sunrisers were also married 41 years ago. (To each other!) High school sweethearts Craig and Janice Newman celebrated their anniversary with a trip to Ashland.

December 18, 1971

Your Editor’s birthday was December 20th, and he celebrated with a dinner out with his wonderful wife Shelley.

Jessica’s Recognitions
Jessica McKnight delivered a few choice recognitions last Friday, and she started by asking Randy Mendosa how he planned to spend the holiday. Randy said that his family would be visiting Ukiah, where they would be sleeping on the basement floor of his brother’s home. When Jessica asked about Ukiah, Randy said, “I spent a week there one day!”

Joyce Hinrichs may need to use the Mendosa home for overflow lodging for Christmas. She will be hosting dinner for 40! She said that she spent holiday time in San Francisco the previous week, visiting with her daughters.

A Christmas Treat
One of our Club’s traditions is a December visit from the Arcata High School Madrigal Choir, under the direction of Carol Jacobson. The group presented holiday music from around the world. Click on the links below to sample some of their musical cheer!

and from 2011 …
Happy Holidays, everyone!!!