Volume XII, Issue 25: January 25, 2013


Last Friday was the last day of finals at Arcata High School, and our Exchange Student from Thailand, Fa Sillapajarn, was happy. Not just because the tests would be over – but she would be leaving later that day for the District 5130 Youth Exchange Ski Trip. It was to be her first time on the slopes! Can’t wait to hear about that. Fa did say that her US History final was hard, but I’m sure she did well.

If your calendar doesn’t show you as busy on Wednesday, February 27th, pencil or key it in right now. Go ahead. Yes, we’ll wait … Okay – you’ll be attending the Club’s Charter Night 2013. It’s our 21st birthday, so we’ll be old enough to drink. You’ll be at the Arcata Playhouse, and you will receive more details within minutes … er, soon …

Howard Stauffer told us that the Cambodia Academy at Mongkol Borei is growing, and we are the lead international partner to support that effort. We will work with other Rotary Clubs, including a new host club in Cambodia, to fund the $75,000 expansion program.

The Superheroes Fundraiser is just over a month away, and Susan Jansson reminded us that we are each on a team of three or four Sunrisers, and each team is being asked to locate two silent auction items (valued between $125 and $400) and two raffle prizes (up to $125). Of course we still need to sell tables and individual tickets. Fortunately, the process is simple – once you know someone wants to attend, you just need to send contact information via an e-mail to Craig Newman. Craig will then send the ticket(s) and an invoice.

Craig told us that Charter Member Dick Giacolini recently passed away. Dick stepped away from his involvement with our Club several years ago, but he was very active in our early years. Craig reminded us that Dick’s personal history with polio made our involvement in the Polio Plus program that much richer.

Kahuna Kavinta told us that a new Club has been formed in our District: the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood. If you’re in the area, the group will have a Charter Cocktail Celebration on Saturday, February 16th, at Wolf House in Glen Ellen. The new Club’s regular meetings will take place Wednesday evenings at 5:30, also at the Wolf House.

The Mighty Kahuna also said that if you haven’t completed the Rotary Multi-District Survey yet, please CLICK HERE to do so by February 1st. The survey will help the Presidents-Elect who will be gathering at the Far West PETS this spring (including our own Barbara Browning).

We got an idea of at least the beginning of Howard and Rebecca Stauffer’s anniversary celebration (they were scheduled to dine at Brio the following morning), and we will hear more about how the festivities progressed soon.

However, Angelo Baciagaluppi was the sole birthday honoree last Friday. He said that he had spent his special day (January 19th) “at home all day with a sick child”. His wife Michelle has been very busy studying for her CPA final. (Angelo says, “I blame Jackson and Eklund.”) When pressed, though, Angelo admitted that he did enjoy a nice sushi dinner the night before his birthday.

Auctioneer Bob Johnson noted that there was something of a Valentine’s Day theme to many of the prizes in the most recent auction. Remember, all of the proceeds go to support the Rotary Foundation, supporting programs both local and international.

Julie Vaissade-Elcock donated a romantic package that included candles, music, and even river rock. Susan Jansson will make good use of that as the winning bidder! 

Amy Bohner was thinking along the same lines, as she put together a “Date Night” Basket, which contained flowers, wine, gift cards, and other items. The high bid was provided by Bryan Plumley.

Two packages, each containing baklava and coconut cookies were donated by Brandi Easter. One was snapped up by Angelo Baciagaluppi, and the other by Ian Schatz.

Orrin Plocher contributed a lovely necklace to the auction. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch who provided the winning bid. However, Your Editor is always willing to update the Sunrise Spirit when we provide misinformation, incomplete information, or (as in this case) no information at all. Watch this space for possible updates.

Two packages of crabs and wine were offered by Travis Schneider, with immediate delivery for instant gratification. Susan Jansson and Julie Vaissade-Elcock each availed themselves of that offer.

Terri Clark is world-renowned as a connoisseur of martinis, and so she provided a treasure chest of martini makin’s. Visitor (and former Sunriser President) Gregg Foster walked away with that prize.

Dick Johnson brought a “Bird Watcher’s Delight” package, including a bird feeder, seed, wine, and chocolate. Winning bidder Terri Clark will soon be gazing out the window at her new friends.

Thanks to all who participated in this month’s auction.