Volume XII, Issue 26: January 24, 2014

Absentis Nuntius (The Reporter is Missing)
Your Editor was unable to attend last Friday’s meeting. However, I have uncovered some clues (and I received help from my fellow Sunrisers) that may allow me to reconstruct portions of the proceedings. There is even the possibility that what you read may be more accurate than previous issues of the Spirit. Here goes …

A (Very Brief) Moment With Alex
President Jessica provided a visual showing changes in the blazer belonging to Exchange Student Alex Rialet. Some Exchangers gain weight during their Exchange Year, and some don’t. But their jackets always put on the pounds!

The Evolution of the Jacket

Dictionaries are being presented to Third Graders at local schools this week – This Friday, we will be visiting Jacoby Creek School at about 8:40 am – shortly after our meeting! It’s a lot of fun, so don’t miss out. Thanks to Jeff Stebbins for organizing the deliveries!

The Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise will celebrate 22 years of service to the community and beyond on February 11th. Our Charter Night celebration will be held at the Ingomar Club, and the cost is $20 per person. Please bring your spouse or significant other to help us pat ourselves on the back a little bit.

Hoist the Jolly Roger and shiver your timbers, ’cause the Pirates’ Ball will be here afore ye know it! On March 8th, the Arcata Community Center will be crawlin’ with scallywags, scamps, and rapscallions. ‘Tis our task to round up these miscreants and get ’em to buy – tables first, then the raffle ‘n auction booty (that we also should be collectin’). Get with yer mateys, and come up with some serious swag – one raffle item (valued at up to $100), three silent auction items ($101 to $499), and one live auction prize ($500 and up). Along with our partners, the Arcata Volunteer Fire Department, we’re fixin’ to come away with quite a few doubloons!

Estate Planning
Last Friday’s Featured Speaker was Jim Aste of the Harland Law Firm. Jim moved to Humboldt County in 1990, and was the owner of Pacific Coast Electric until 1999. In that role, he specialized in energy-efficient retrofits, such as the one he performed for the Arcata Co-op. In 1999, Jim attended law school. He joined the Harland firm in 2001, specializing in business law, real estate, and solid waste law. However, the bulk of his practice involves estate planning. Jim and his wife Susan live in Ferndale, and Jim served a term on the Ferndale City Council. His wife says that in his spare time “all he does is mow the lawn and work on the house”.

Since Your Editor missed Jim’s presentation, I cannot report on it. However, I will leave you with President Jessica’s notes on the importance of estate planning:

Jim Aste with President Jessica

When I worked in the financial service sector, we asked every client if they had a current estate plan. I continue to ask my tax clients this question, and all too often the answer is no. In an effort to help my fellow Rotarians avoid giving a similar answer, I determined [that] an important speaker for this year [would be] someone to talk with all of you about the importance of estate planning. Whether you need a will or a trust, understanding the implications of probate and planning for the process is something your heirs will thank you for some day.

Photo courtesy of Angelo Bacigaluppi