Volume XII, Issue 27: February 8, 2013

At our last meeting, Exchange Student  Fa Sillapajarn reported on another up and down week. She told us that the previous Friday was a sad day, as she learned that her grandmother had passed away.

The highlight of her week was a birthday party for her fellow Exchanger Manon Wazowski, which was attended by many other local Exchange Students. But Fa was also excited later that day, she was planning to move in with her latest host family – Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth et. al.! And … she was preparing to attend the Junior Prom the next day. I’m sure we’ll hear about that at our next meeting.

After many “Power Meetings” among our Club’s high muck-a-mucks, a theme has emerged for our upcoming Charter Night – it’s gonna be a LUAU!! So on Wednesday, February 27th, put on your Hawaiian shirt or muumuu and be ready to celebrate with Kahuna Kavinta!!! There will be pupu platters and foo-foo drinks complete with umbrellas available. Don’t miss it!

Craig Newman reported that Exchange Student Colin Swenson will be taking temporary leave from his posting in Italy to travel to Israel. In mid-March, Colin will take part in the first International Rotary Youth and Young Adults Peace Conference. Craig also said that Colin and his initial host family recently visited Croatia, which is very close to his host city of Trieste.

Howard Stauffer announced that our Club has submitted the paperwork requesting a Rotary Matching Grant to fund the expansion of the Cambodia Academy at Mongkol Borei. If the funds are approved, the amount raised for the project will total $75,000.

From our weekly Superheroes Fundraiser update, we learned that we have sold about 28 tables; just over halfway to the goal of 50. The Live Auction is going well, with only about five more items needed. Keep selling and working to get your prizes for the Silent Auction and the Raffle.

If you know Sunriser Amy Bohner, you know that she is wonderful. But did you know that she is a stellar fundraiser and a Big Sister (with Big Brothers/Big Sisters)? She was last seen selling cupcakes for the HROP Culinary Arts program. But if you CLICK HERE, you’ll see Amy with her “Li’l Sis”, having all kinds of fun with snow, cakes, and quilts. Don’t miss it.

President George and the Club were treated to not just one, but two Valentunes last week. Each year, members of the ArMack Orchestra and the Arcata High School Madrigal Choir form roving troupes to serenade (usually) unsuspecting individuals with love songs. The funds raised help support the travel plans of the two groups. The students who visited last week performed two songs – “1-2-3-4” and “All My Loving”. 

Cam Appleton updated us on the condition of Franco Calleja-Lorenzini, the Exchange Student from Chile who was seriously injured during the recent Youth Exchange ski trip. Franco is walking, and doing better. He is getting ready to go to a rehab facility in Santa Clara for more therapy. If you are a Facebook member, you can monitor his progress on the “Franco Updates” page.

We celebrated only one Special Day last Friday, and that was Maggie Kraft’s birthday. She said that she had a great time, and it somehow involved Bob and Susan Johnson and the Logger Bar … Hmm … She also said that she attended a show at Humboldt State and had dinner with a friend. Either Maggie has embraced our Club’s “Birthday Month” tradition, or it was a very busy Tuesday!

Every year, members of the Sunny Brae Middle School Interact Club visit our Club to sell handmade Valentine’s Day cards to support their projects. This year, as usual, we took the opportunity to ask about their activities. 

SBMS Principal Linda Yeoman started by telling us that the Interact Club has expanded. It has merged with a student leadership group known as the “Spirit Roadrunner Club”. Several of the Interactors listed some of the projects the organization is involved in:

  • Raising funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
  • Filling and distributing Christmas stockings to underprivileged children
  • Holding a canned food drive to help needy families
  • Raising money to help the homeless
  • Collecting “Coats for the Cold”
Craig, Linda, and the Interactors

Linda said that helping out with our Taste of the Holidays fundraiser is a very popular assignment with the Interactors. She told us that in the days before the event, students were coming into her office, hoping to be the first ones to sign up.

Sunriser Craig Newman, who has chaired our Interact Committee for many years, presented the Interactors with a check from our Club for $250 to help them continue their good work.