Volume XII, Issue 28: January 30, 2015

On The Calendar
February 7 – Adopt-A-Highway – 9:30 to 11:30 am – Meet at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center 
February 9 – Valentine’s Dinner at Folie Douce to benefit the Senior Village Program – 5:00 to 8:30 pm
February 10 – Board Meeting at CCRP Office (HSU) 7 am 
February 18 – Charter Night at the Arcata Playhouse – 5:30 to 8:00 pm – “Denim & Diamonds”
March 14 – “Down The Rabbit Hole” – our Spring Fundraiser … in Wonderland!! 
March 21 – District Training Assembly in Ukiah 

President Barbara thanked the Sunrisers – Julie
Schaefer, Dan Johnson, Robert Goodman, and Barbara herself – who participated
in the previous week’s Foster Youth Roundtable Discussion. She said that it was
a lot of fun, and the young people asked some very good questions. The next
meeting is scheduled for this Friday, February 6th.

Congratulations to Kyle Visser and Tomas
Chavez! Kyle’s business, Shred Aware, was named the Small Business of the Year
by the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. At the same event, the Chamber recognized Tomas
as its Ambassador of the Year. We’re proud of both of you!

Our Outbound Exchange Student for next year,
Trula Rael, was at the previous weekend’s Outbound Orientation for our
District. She learned that she will be spending her year in Italy. She said
that she is very excited, although she doesn’t know exactly where in Italy she
will be going. President Barbara spoke for all of us when she said, “I
know you’ll have a great year, and you’ll be a really wonderful representative
and ambassador for Arcata Sunrise Rotary.”

Mozara Abdalla, our Exchange Student from
Brazil, was also attended the orientation session. She told us how nice it was to
see her fellow Inbound Exchangers from around the District. She had prom coming
up, and she said that she would need to choose her dress from among three
possibilities. And she said that her parents would be visiting after the
weekend, so she was excited about that. Barbara pleaded with her to get us
pictures (and I second that), and Mozara said, “I’ll think about it …” Mozara’s
Word of the Day was “dinheiro”, which is “money” in English. The word sounds a
lot like the Spanish word “dinero”, with the same meaning. Mozara said that the
main unit of Brazilian currency is the real, and that the US dollar is currently
worth about 2.7 reals, with the exchange rate recently increasing in favor of the
dollar. “Bad news for my Dad,” she noted.

This photo is captioned “Sylfie”
Barbara also provided news and photos from our
current Outbound Exchange Student, Sylvie Leppig, and she reminded us that we
can follow Sylvie’s adventures on Facebook and on her blog, Sylvie in Belgique. (I’ve added
the link to the list in the column to your right.)

Rotary Foundation Giving

President Barbara noted that our Club’s
contributions to the Rotary Foundation were at just under $9,000 as of the
beginning of our meeting. She said that we are well on our way to reaching our
goal of $15,000 for the year.
Foundation Chair Terri Clark noted that our
server, Elsa, has made donations to our Final Friday Foundation Auctions,
including last week’s edition (see below). Our Club added to her existing credits,
and helped her become a Paul Harris Fellow!

Also earning a Paul Harris Fellowship last week
was Carol Vander Meer. Carol’s credits earned during her stint as a member of
the Arcata Noon Rotary combined with her contributions as a member of our Club
put her over the top! Congratulations and thank you for your contributions
to the Rotary Foundation!!

Final Friday Foundation Auction
We held our first Foundation Auction of 2015, and earned quite a bit for the Rotary Foundation. As you may recall, all of the funds raised benefit the Foundation, with the credit for the purchase price split between each item’s donor and the purchaser. Here is a list of the prizes, contributors, and winning bidders:

  • Our morning server Elsa is also a masseuse, and she donated her services to our auction. Bob Johnson upped the ante, paying for an increased in the length of the massage. Janice Newman will be relaxing under her gentle touch.
  • Somebody who shall remain nameless (since I didn’t hear who) donated bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream and some Irish whiskey, along with a baking dish and a tea set and possibly more yet! I am also not clear on who purchased the package, but only since Joyce Hinrichs, in absentia, gave her proxy to Terri Clark. So either Joyce or Terri was the winner.
  • I do know that John Gullam provided a Rotary-themed Hawaiian shirt for the auction. And I saw the winner, Brandi Easter, wearing it as she left our meeting.
  • And Joyce provided the winning bid (via Terri) for Bob Johnson’s Bread Baking Class and Feast for 6.
  • Following the haute cuisine theme, Jessica McKnight offered a cooking class, complete with the tools of the trade – the book “How To Become A Better Cook”, a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and a French knife. Susan Jansson was the winning bidder, intent on upping her game in the kitchen.
  • Ray Noggle donated a relaxation package – a bottle of Sirah in a pouch with a massage. Lori Breyer put forth the winning bid.
  • A bottle of fine bourbon whiskey with glasses and a flask were donated by Lynda Moore. She also included a supply of coffee. Matt Babich will be enjoying those for some time.
  • Sometimes Tequila comes in a beautifully crafted bottle with a bell on the top. Mark Burtchett donated one of those for the auction, and Scott Heller will be ringing the bell.
  • Rotary Kid Mary Crow provided a Valentine’s basket of chocolates and hearts, along with a caramel candle. Susan Jansson was the winner.
  • Alyson Hunter donated a Bird Watcher’s Package, including an original work by local artist Marsha Mello, a birding tour of the Arcata Marsh guided by local legend Alex Stillman, a bird feeder, and other goodies. Your Editor made off with that prize.
  • Another Valentine’s package with a number of items (including some that must remain undisclosed) was offered by Maggie Kraft. And it must have been good stuff, because she made the opening bid. However, Angelo Bacigaluppi was the winner.
  • Laura Montagna put together a Games Night Basket, complete with popcorn. I didn’t hear who won, but I bet they’re having fun!
  • Maggie Kraft also donated one of her signature “Birthday Baskets”. (I won one in a previous auction, and they are great!) Brenda Bishop was the winning bidder.
  • Our last item came from Rebecca Crow, who brought a tea set that commemorated the Rotary International Convention held in Taipei in 1994. The basket also included a supply of herbal tea, and it was won by Terri Clark. (Unless it was Joyce Hinrichs.)

Thanks again to all of our donors and bidders. This edition of the auction added a quick $1,600 to our total Foundation contribution total for the year. Remember, contributions to the Foundation can be made any time, day or night at:https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/take-action/give. Tell them the Sunrise Spirit sent you!