Volume XII, Issue 3: July 27, 2012

Foundation Fourth Friday

Just a reminder – President George (aka Kahuna Kavinta) decreed that we will celebrate the Rotary Foundation on the Fourth Friday of each month. In months where there is a Fifth Friday (such as August), we will have a special fellowship meeting.So … last Friday looked like a Final Friday of yore, but it wasn’t.
And we immediately had some Foundation news! The District 5130 Foundation Seminar, which had been scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 11th has been postponed. The Seminar will take place in September; the exact date will be announced soon.
Angelo, Craig, and President George
We received a note from Karen Nutter, thanking us for honoring her late husband Jerry by funding scholarships to Crabs Camp. Karen said that Jerry wanted to live where “people greeted him by name when he went to the store or out in the community”. She believes that by providing the scholarships, our Club is “mark[ing] the success of his wish.”


Our Newest Sunriser!

Craig Reed joined our ranks last Friday. His sponsor is Angelo Baciagaluppi, and we welcomed him to the Club in our traditional way – by lining up and shaking hands with him. Welcome, Craig!


Ian Schatz Gives His Craft Talk

In 1975, Ian Schatz learned a lesson in culture shock – his parents moved the family from Los Angeles (a little town in Southern California) to Maple Creek (a bit smaller). He said that it was a “great adventure for a kid”. After all, he got to spend his first six months in Humboldt County residing in a tent! But when the rains came, the family was able to share a house with another family.
Ian Schatz
When Ian graduated from Maple Creek Elementary, he was at the top (and the bottom) of his class of one. He said that when he arrived at Arcata High School, he was “a little socially inept”, but he persevered and went on to Humboldt State, where he met his wife-to-be, Elizabeth. Following a nine-year courtship, they were married 19 years ago. They have two daughters – Jasmine, who is 18 years old, and 15-year old Brianna. The girls have been homeschooled by Elizabeth.
Ian was recruited four years ago by Advanced Security Systems, and he is now their Operations Manager. He said that his tasks are quite varied, and that his schedule changes very frequently. Ian manages the company’s Central Monitoring Station, and he is also responsible for all special projects, training, and implementation of procedures.
About three years ago, his younger daughter said that she wanted to participate in local theater. Ian tagged along, and he was soon hooked (and booked). He has been in several productions of the Ferndale Repertory Theatre, including “Amahl and the Night Visitors”, “South Pacific” and “Oliver!”
More recently, Jasmine said that she wanted to try Rotary Youth Exchange, and she was selected to go to Sicily for a year. Her Exchange brought the whole family into contact with Rotary, which was the trigger for Ian to seek out our club.
President George capped Ian’s Craft Talk by presenting him with the Coveted Blue Badge.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars now – our Welcome Celebration for our Inbound Exchange Student, Fa, will take place on Wednesday evening, August 29th, at Moonstone Beach. We will barbecue, bring side dishes, and hold a BIG SALMON CONTEST. Details will follow.



Sunriser Olympic Tie-In

The winning table with their design … or a blank page?
President George told us of one of the many ties that Rotary has to the Olympics. We heard about Bob Izon, who had been a distance runner as a youth, and who was later a founding member of the Rotary Club of Hereford Wye Valley. Mr. Izon was one of many Rotarians who carried the Olympic Torch on its journey to London’s Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Our Club celebrated the Games by creating its own 2012 Sunrise Rotary Olympic Mascot – each table drew its own, and President-Elect Barbara Browning chose the winning design. The photo shows the all-star designers and their creation, but the mascot itself is hard to make out. The Sunrise Spirit will publish the image soon – watch for it!

Special Days

Dan Johnson’s birthday was somewhat quiet. His family was gone all week, all with different destinations, so he had no exciting plans. “Just working – it’s kinda boring.” With luck, they will celebrate when everyone returns.
Cindy Sutcliffe said that she has been following time-honored Sunrise tradition by celebrating her birthday all month. She did indulge in her favorite thing – donuts!! She also revealed that she has stepped in as the Interim Executive Director for Humboldt Domestic Violence Services.
Lori Breyer’s family was also out of town the week of her birthday, and they took her along. They did some river rafting on the trip, and on the day of her birthday, they were in Truckee at Fifty-Fifty Brewing Company for her fiftieth! The crew also went to the University of Nevada at Reno for daughter Megan’s Freshman Orientation.
Jim Maher and his wife Joni celebrated their anniversary on Thursday night. Going out to dinner with their daughter Allison and her boyfriend.
Julie Vaissade-Elcock commented on her anniversary, noting that “Stan tried to go cheap on me!”
Bryan Plumley and Kim Floyd were married 23 years ago on July 12th. They planned to leave the next day for a week on Hawaii’s Big Island. They had the foresight to take their mother-in-law to watch the kids.


Laura Montagna was in charge of recognitions last Friday, and she asked for Good News Volunteers.
First up was Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth, who was very interesting. However, she was done before I turned around and picked up my pen, so I probably missed a few details.
Orrin Plocher, also known as O.P., had three things to tell us. First, he was going to the Crabs game on Sunday. Second, his family has a new addition – a two year old with red hair … everywhere! (Yup, it’s a doggie.) Third, they are expecting another new addition, but this is a very cute one-year old named Alexander.
Laura had a terrific plan for additional recognitions. She went to the workplaces of several Sunrisers and asked them a few questions. Unfortunately, technical difficulties reared their ugly head(s), and we were unable to match video with audio. However, this gives us something to look forward to. (Once the tech stuff is figured out, the Sunrise Spirit will publish each video as Laura presents them at our meetings.)

Fourth Friday Foundation Auction

Last week we held our auction to raise money for the Rotary Foundation, and it was a great success (as usual).
Cam Appleton donated a basket containing lots of goodies, including wine, cheese, albacore, and kettle corn. The winning bidder was Lori Breyer.
Scott Heller and Jim Maher donated gift certificates to the cause, and these were snapped up at face value by Dawn Elsbree and Romi Hitchcock-Tinseth.
One year of shredding service with an on-site locking bin was donated by Kyle Visser. With his high bid, Bryan Plumley took advantage of that offer.
Mark Bruce donated a red ukulele and an out-of-print collector’s CD of “Surf & Sun”, an album Mark made with his son Adam years ago. Music lover Janice Newman was the winner.
Julie Vaissade-Elcock donated a wall hanging by Benaya Art Ceramics. The lovely piece was purchased by Mark Bruce.
The last auction prize was provided by Laura Montagna, and it was a large basket containing many interesting items, including a portable fondue set, a bottle of wine, and the game “Sexuations”. Hmmm … Our final winning bidder of the morning was Joyce Hinrichs.
Thanks to all who donated and all who bid for helping to raise a quick $675 for the Foundation’s great programs!