Volume XII, Issue 30: March 1, 2013

Logan White is our Outbound Exchange Student for the coming Rotary/school year, and he will be heading to Italy this summer. On April 13th, he and three other Outbounders are raising funds for their Exchanger years by hosting a steak dinner at the Bayside Grange. The event will cost $25 per person, and it will include an auction and live music. Logan said that he and his fellow Exchange Students are “very motivated”. For more information, contact Logan by clicking here.

We also heard from Fa Sillapajarn, who is our current Inbound Exchanger from Thailand. She said that there was no school during Presidents’ Week, so she had some time off. She said that she went snowshoeing, which was fun but taxing. Fortunately, she received an assist from the family dog to make it up one hill. She said that she was looking forward to Saturday, when the District’s Exchange Students planned to gather for a birthday party for a member of their ranks, and to say goodbye to Franco Calleja-Lorenzini, the Rotary Exchange Student from Chile who was injured in a skiing accident several weeks ago. Franco is returning home to continue his recovery. Fa was also looking forward to traveling to Hawaii this week – I’m sure we’ll hear all about it at our next meeting on March 15th.
Julie Schaefer’s birthday was February 11th, and she was with family, but at a trade show in San Francisco. We provided a belated, but heartfelt and tuneful rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

Last Friday’s Master of the Recognition Arts was Rob McBeth. He called upon Jacqueline Debets to ask about her impending trip to Australia. She said that the plan to spend about three weeks there, visiting family and doing some diving. Her young son Luc pointed out that a “BOAT!” will be involved.

Rob put up a photo of Jim Maher, at a sporting event. Jim said that it was an Arcata High Girls’ basketball game, and he was rooting for his daughter Jaime. The AHS Girls won the game, and they went on to win their first game of the North Coast Section Championships  as well. 

Dick Johnson was asked about a photo of Brody in a tuxedo, with his date admiring him. Dick said that he had taken the picture on the night of the Junior Prom. Brody’sdate was Vivian Harp, who was one of the artists who had worked on our contribution to last year’s Pastels on the Plaza. Dick served as the couple’s driver for the night, which lasted into the wee hours. 

Tomas Chavez was recently “Living the Dream” – at the ice cream shop of that name in Old Town Eureka. Tomas said that their flavors include Jalapeno Lime and Maple Bacon. 

Lori Breyer went skiing recently “for the first time in years”. She was at Mt. Rose, which is about 1/2 hour from the University of Nevada Reno – her daughter Megan’s school. Her other daughter Kate was there, along with Lori’s husband, her brother-in-law and her sister-in-law. 

Congratulations to Robert Goodman, who was named the Business Leader of the Year by the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. Bob was modest of course, saying, “They must have run out of worthy candidates.”

Our Guest Speaker last week was Dr. Don Baird, the Public Health Officer for Humboldt County. Dr. Baird joined us to discuss issues affecting health in our community, and he began by showing a video about public health (click here to access the video).

Dr. Baird discusses “health drivers”

Dr. Baird said that all health issues start locally, and he noted that while our county is ranked high among California counties with regards to our physical environment, we rank much lower in our health outcomes. Most of the health issues our residents and their practitioners deal with are preventable. They are caused by alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and obesity. 

Dr. Baird and the Public Health Department would like you to review the draft of the 2013 Community Health Assessment, and to comment on it. You can access both the Assessment and the Survey by clicking here to visit their website.