Volume XII, Issue 34: March 28, 2014

Foundation Final Friday

The Latest From Alex!

Alex and Craig in Fern Canyon

At our meeting last Friday, we heard from our Exchange Student, Alex Rialet. He said that on the previous Saturday, he and his Arcata High JV Baseball teammates played a doubleheader against Eureka. Unfortunately, they lost both games. But later that day Alex attended JT Albright’s birthday party, which included chess, cake, and ice cream. And the following day, the birthday crew traveled
up the 101 to Fern Canyon, for a day of hiking in the sunshine.

Alex said that he planned to move in with a new host family on Monday. His new hosts will be Praj and Alisa White and their family. (They have a little room to spare, with their son Logan currently on a Rotary Exchange to Italy.) Before Alex moved, however, Host Dad Craig Reed wanted to provide a true American experience – Alex ate his first ever TV dinner!

Announcements and Calendar Items

  • April 3 & 4  The hush-hush project with the code name “E-15”. We’ll hear more about this at our next meeting.
  • April 4 & 5  The not so hush-hush event known as the District 5130 Training Assembly. This will take place in Ukiah, and a Sunriser group will be convoying early Saturday morning, if you would like a ride.
  • April 11  The History Day scholarship winners will visit our Club to give their award-winning presentations. This is one you don’t want to miss!
  • April 19  Mad River Work Day and Hoe Down
  • April 25  Eureka Rotary Club Barbecue and Dance to benefit Backpacks for Kids

Recognitions with Angelo
Angelo Bacigaluppi hosted our Recognitions Session last week. He asked Carol Vander Meer about the award recently won by her organization, Friends of the Dunes. She said that the Friends was named the Nonprofit of the Year for 2013 by the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. Carol told us that she was surprised and honored. Congratulations to Carol, along with her staff and supporters.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to help pay the balance due on our still currently being fabricated by Vendome Copper and Brass Works in KY! The finished product will look very similar to this beauty.
Neither Ocarina Nor Bong

Amy Bohner was on hand to talk about the start-up she is launching with her husband Steve. The project is the Alchemy Distillery, which will produce a fine craft spirit that is to be called “Boldt”. Amy and Steve are trying to raise $60,000 via Kickstarter to move the copper still (right) from Kentucky to Arcata. As the Spirit went to press, the campaign was over halfway to its goal. There’s “still” time to pledge to the project, which will bring you goodies. The amount of Boldt Swag you will receive is directly proportional to the funds pledged, so size counts! Visit Kickstarter for more information and more photos.

Angelo then led us in two sessions of “Liar, Liar”, the game where we learn three things about a fellow Sunriser. Two are true, one is a whopper (and not the Burger King type). One “lucky” individual is asked to determine which claim can be put to shame. You are welcome to play along – the lies are identified at the bottom of this issue.

Our first liar was Ian Schatz, and Dustin Littlefield was tasked with guessing the lie lurking among these three statements:

  1. Ian completed the 100-mile Tour of the Unknown Coast on his mountain bike
  2. He can free dive down to 45 feet
  3. He climbed Mount Shasta

Dustin missed out by selecting a correct answer. Can you do better? 

Angelo then told us three things about Ron Sharp, but only two were true – Tami Camper got it right, how ’bout you??

  1.  Ron recently hiked from Yosemite Point all the way to Glacier Point
  2. He once hitchhiked to Reno to see a Johnny Cash concert
  3. He stayed up all night jamming with Vince Gill

Remember to check at the end of the Spirit for the incorrect answers!

Special Days
Cindy Sutcliffe and her husband Tim Theiss recently celebrated their 15th anniversary with a trip to the Benbow Inn. They had “a really good dinner and spent the night”. 

Angelo recognized himself for his anniversary. His wife Michelle works for the accounting firm of Jackson & Eklund, so this time of year is always busy. Angelo said that Michelle left early from her tax preparation, to come home to a meal prepared by her husband of 14 years. “It was delicious, even if I do say so myself.” 

The first birthday we heard about last week was Rotary Kid Mary Crow, who turned 10 that very day. Naturally, as all 10-year olds do, she celebrated by going to a Rotary Meeting. Anticlimactically, she had a party planned for after school.

Tami Camper’s birthday was on March 4th, and she had a long day of fieldwork, followed by a basketball game with the kids. Following all that, she went to see the Blue Man Group at the Van Duzer Theatre. A full day!

Charlie Jordan shares a birthday with Mary Crow, so we were there for part of her party as well! She planned to go out to dinner with her husband Mark Ritz (who was Charlie’s guest that morning), and enjoy the day!

Foundation Friday
To underscore our commitment to the Rotary Foundation, we watched a 12-minute video produced by the Sonoma State University (SSU) Rotaract Club about the fight to eradicate polio. The video is called “No Mo Po – A Call to End Polio”, and you can watch it my clicking here.

Following that, we held our sorta-regular Foundation Friday Auction. All proceeds from the auction go directly to the Rotary Foundation, with the donor and the purchaser splitting the donation credit. Here is the list of items, donors, and winning bidders:

  • Would-be still operator Amy Bohner brought a basket of swag from Alchemy Distillery, including a decanter, Boldt stickers, and a coupon for a bottle of the real stuff once the distillery is in production. Congratulations to Cindy Sutcliffe for her purchase.
  • Joyce Hinrichs donated gift certificates worth $50. These were snapped up by Lori Breyer.
  • Mary Crow is working toward a second Paul Harris Fellowship, and she brought a plate of her famed Snickerdoodles for the auction. Julie Vaissade-Elcock was the winner.
  • Exchange Student Alex Rialet donated two bacon quiches. Two quiches means two winners, and they were Lori Breyer and Howard Stauffer.
  • Two tickets to the play “The Volcano” were provided by Rina Brodhag. These were won by Terri Clark.
  • Lynda Moore donated an outdoor dining set (it was too classy to say “picnic set”), which was purchased by Praj White.
  • Donnie Rosebrook brought in four bottles of fine wine, which went home with Lynda Moore.
  • A beautiful wooden poster for Moonstone Beach was offered by Dan Johnson. Tami Camper made off with that. (After paying, of course!)
  • Finally, Rob McBeth donated two gift certificates for the Plaza Grill/Abruzzi’s. These were won by Lori Breyer and (I think) Sunriser-To-Be John Schermer.

Thanks to everyone who donated items and to those who purchased them (the items, that is). Together, we raised over $750 to support the Rotary Foundation’s incredible work!