Volume XII, Issue 4: August 3, 2012

Special Days

Acting President Janice Newman was at the helm of the Good Ship Sunrise last week, and she took the opportunity to ask Dean Krushke about his birthday, which took place back on July 5th. Dean said that he didn’t do a lot, but he spent time with friends, then headed for Texas!
Kyle Visser said that he and his family went to the beach for his birthday on July 29th. He also told us that he and his wife Natalie got the whole family together (“which is not easy”) for a Sunday dinner that weekend.
Donnie and Jennifer Rosebrook recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. They went to Jennifer’s favorite restaurant, had dinner and some wine … and they finished the evening up at the casino.
Dewey and Kathy Kiefer have been married for four years as of July 26th, and they were in Napa prior to flying to the Virgin Islands for 1½ weeks. They did some snorkeling and had “a lot of rum”.

New Member Maggie!

Joyce, Maggie, and Cam
The third time’s a charm for Maggie Kraft – she became an honorary member of our Club before her recent Peace Corps stint in Botswana, then she joined the Lobatse Rotary, and now that she has returned as an Official Sunriser! Joyce Hinrichs greeted her on the Club’s behalf. Thanks to Cam Appleton for sponsoring Maggie – twice. Welcome home, Maggie!


There will be a board meeting on Tuesday, August 14th. As always, Red Badgers are encouraged to attend, but all Sunrisers are welcome. The meeting will take place at 7 am at the Golden Harvest Cafe … we think.
Have you paid your dues? I don’t mean some abstract karmic “dues”, no, no – these are the real deal! If yours are still outstanding, please bring cash, check, or money order to our Treasurer Bryan Reeser as soon as possible.
Last week, Acting President Janice carried on President George’s Rotary Minute tradition by letting us know about the Rotary Club Locator mobile app. It’s free, and it’s available for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. The app allows you to search for clubs near you when you are on the road. Click here to learn more and to download the app.

Committee Reports

We heard from some of our committee chairs last week, starting with Bob Moore of the Fellowship Committee. He reminded us that months that have five Fridays (such as August) will feature Fifth Friday Fellowship. We will be “dark” (we won’t hold our regular morning meeting) on those Fridays. Instead, we will meet at an alternate time and location. This month’s FFF will take place on Wednesday, August 29th at Moonstone Beach. At 6 pm, we will gather at Merryman’s Beach House to officially welcome our new Inbound Exchange Student from Thailand, Fa Sillapajarn.
Speaking of our Exchange Student, Cam Appleton’s report on the Youth Exchange Committee’s activities included the announcement that Fa would be arriving at the airport that Monday. Her three host families are in place, beginning with Lori Breyer’s family. Cindy Sutcliffe will serve as Fa’s counselor, while Craig Newman will be the counselor for our Outbound Exchanger, Collin Swenson.
Ceva and Terri
Our Foundation Chair, Terri Clark told us that she has three new Paul Harris Fellows to recognize, but only Ceva Courtemanche was on hand last Friday to receive the honor and the goodies. That gives us something to look forward to in future meetings. However, Terri did present some “new jewelry” to two multiple Paul Harris Fellows. Matt Babich and Joyce Hinrichs each received new pins with special stones commemorating their generosity to the Rotary Foundation.
Terri went on to say that “last year, we rocked” regarding our donations to the Foundation. We gave $2336 to the campaign to end polio, which came in addition to the record $9,155 that we donated to the Annual Program Fund. Remember, “Every Rotarian, Every Year” can be accomplished with as little as $10 per member. We achieved that last year – let’s do it every year!
Rebecca Crow and Dawn Elsbree co-chair the Community Service Committee, which will meet at the Plaza Grill on Thursday, August 16th. The new projects that the group is working on include a literacy outreach program, which features portable bookcases and reading lists, and helping children at local schools with needed supplies. Ongoing projects include Adopt-A-Highway, Backpacks for Kids, support for Pastels on the Plaza, and the Annual Cross-Country Run.
The Membership Committee is co-chaired by Karen Burgesser and Charlie Jordan, and they are on a tear. Karen reminded us that it is easy to propose a new member, and August is the ideal time – it’s Rotary Membership Month. Keeping Rotary in the public eye is essential to attracting new members, and next Tuesday is the first-ever “Rotary Moment Tweet Day”. You are encouraged to take to Twitter and share your favorite time as a Rotarian. Use hashtag #RotaryMoment, and spread the word!


Orrin Plocher was our Recognitionmeister last Friday, and he asked Scott Heller about his recent travels. Scott and Robin Meiggs traveled to Maui. The trip was partly for relaxation, but Robin used to live there, and one of her Maui friends was recently diagnosed with cancer. So the trip had a dual purpose.
A half marathon is 13.1094 miles, according to Wikipedia. That’s a long way to run, but Sunriser Rebecca Crow did it recently. She met her goal of completing the course within three hours. She provided another potential meme by saying that she didn’t want to have to be picked up by the “Loser Bus” (the vehicle that picks up stragglers when the course has to be opened to the public once again). Maggie Kraft publicly wondered where the Loser Bus takes its passengers …
Last Friday, Karen Burgesser celebrated her last day of work. She said that she has spent almost 18 years at Winzler & Kelly – about half of her working life. She’s preparing for life after work – she recently played Bingo, which “made my Mom roar”, and she’s planning to do some traveling. Congratulations, Karen!
Karen may want to get some travel tips from Terri Clark. Terri has been getting around a lot. Two weeks ago, she was in Evanston, Illinois chairing a gathering of Rotarians involved in organizing multi-district President-Elect Training Seminars (PETS).  Later, she flew to Juneau, Alaska to board a cruise ship where she taught a course. She said it wasn’t as glamorous as it sounded, and she is glad to be home. After all, home is where she also recently became the Director of Operations for Hunter, Hunter, and Hunt, a local accounting firm. Congratulations, Terri!