Volume XII, Issue 41: June 14, 2013

We didn’t hear from our Exchange Student Fa Sillapajarn last week. She had attended the Safe and Sober Graduation Party the previous night (into that morning). Her quote of the day? “I’m so tired …” Here’s hoping that we get her take on the whole graduation experience at our next meeting.

Our Outbound Exchange Student for 2013-2014, Logan White, made it to our meeting. He wanted to let us know that the fundraiser that he co-hosted the previous weekend had been very successful. The three Exchangers-To-Be raised just over $4,000. “I’m okay with that,” Logan said, “that being my first time.” (Maybe we should reconsider sending him to Italy this summer – we might want to keep him here and put him on the committees for Taste of the Holidays and the Spring Fundraiser.)

Let’s have a round of applause for  … well, us! At the recent Rotary District 5130 Conference, Our Club won the New Generations award. We were honored for our work with youth, including Youth Exchange and our Kids, Crabs, and Rotary event. Thanks to Barbara Browning and Karen Burgesser for putting together our awards applications.

Luca and Fa with Crabs Manager Matt Nutter

Speaking of Kids, Crabs, and Rotary … a great time was had by all on June 9th. The Arcata Noon Club’s Exchange Student Luca Vass threw out the first pitch to her batterymate Fa Sillapajarn. During the game (in which the Crabs took on the Healdsburg Prune Packers), we served a bunch of “Fellowship Franks” to youth baseball players and other youngsters.

Romi Hitchcock Tinseth said that help is needed for the 4th of July celebration on the Arcata Plaza. If you can lend a hand, please let her know.


Kahuna Kavinta, Carol, Amy, and Craig

It’s always exciting to bring a new Sunriser into the Club, and we had the opportunity last week when Former President Craig Newman inducted Carol Vander Meer. Carol was already a Rotarian – she joined the Arcata Nooners in 2006. Her membership with our Club was sponsored by Amy Bohner.

Carol is the Executive Director of Friends of the Dunes, and her Rotary classification is Environmental Non-Profit. She and her husband Steven have been married for 14 years. She enjoys kayaking and camping, and she sings with the Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir.

President-Elect Jessica McKnight told us that, after five fundraising events and one prom, the cardboard buildings that were created for this year’s Spring Fundraiser have been retired . By that, I mean recycled. They got quite a bit of mileage while they lasted, though.

She also noted that a few of us have not yet submitted our requests for committee assignments. She will close signups on June 20th, at which point she will assign posts. She is excited about the coming year, especially in the areas of Community Service, Vocational Service, and Programs. She also plans to work to help reconstitute the North Bay Rotaract Club.

May 27th was Craig Reed’s birthday, which he described as “fairly uneventful”. He recently bought a new house, which got in the way of his celebration. He and his brother-in-law tore out and reinstalled the electrical system and then he moved in. Craig said that he was off work, “But I still worked from 8 to 10.” We clarified that was eight in the morning to ten at night. Craig said that he still does not officially own the house, but after installing new carpet and new wiring, he will soon.

Rotary Kid Brody Johnson celebrated his 17th birthday recently (on June 11th). He said that he didn’t do much – the day fell right in the middle of finals. He did take in a movie with friends and then had dinner with his parents.

Rotary Spouse (and President-Elect of the Southwest Eureka Rotary) Marty Lay said that his birthday was on Monday, June 10th. He said that he had a very good day which involved working on his motorcycle, enjoying beef stroganoff, and quaffing dark beers.

Before Laura Montagna rolled out the recognitions, she showed us a “production model” of the portable bookshelves that our Community Service Committee will be providing to underprivileged families. The wooden shelves are foldable, and are being made by the students in McKinleyville Middle School’s Woodshop.

Laura with the Bookcase

Laura then called upon Bryan Plumley to tell us what’s happening with him and his. Bryan said that school is now out, and he will be visiting Washington, D.C. with his kids. They plan to make it a tour – from Washington, they plan to travel down the East Coast then on to New Orleans.

Lynda Moore will also be hitting the road. She is planning a road trip “without an agenda” to Sedona, Arizona. Last weekend, though, she came out of retirement (for a while?) to consult with HSU for a bit. She said that the assignment sounds “interesting and fun”.

President George asked us to reconvene at the fire station following Friday’s meeting. There, we presented the Arcata Volunteer Fire Department with a check for $26,135.66 – their portion of the net proceeds from the Spring Fundraiser.