Volume XII, Issue 44: May 29, 2015 – Final Friday!

On The Calendar
June 2-9:  Rotary International Convention – São Paulo, Brazil
June 12-13SWOT Project!!! Painting the Night Shelter
June 20:  Oyster Festival Beer Booth
July 4RISE EVENT! – Arcata Plaza Fourth of July Celebration

Bryan Plumley brought his son Kyle and his daughter Kate to last week’s meeting. He told us that Kate would be performing that weekend in Bayside Ballet’s production of “Swan Lake”. It was her first en pointe performance!


President Barbara recognized Steve McHaney for his efforts in the recent Kinetic Sculpture Race. He and his crew rode the “Tri-Lo-Bike” to fame and awards – Most Improved, Most Resurrected, and (despite a broken differential) Best Engineering. Congratulations!


Exchange Student Mozara Abdalla enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. She watched the Kinetic Sculpture Race, and helped her American best friend celebrate her birthday. President Barbara showed a video from Facebook showing Mozara doing some target shooting with her host brothers. This led to her Word of the Day – “arma”, which means “gun” or “firearm”. 

President Barbara provided an update on our Club’s contribution to the efforts to help the Nepalese people recover from the devastating earthquakes of the last two months. She said that we have made a donation in conjunction with the Napa Rotary Club to help purchase bucket packs for displaced people. The packs contain food, books, and stationery for kids, among other things. 

Our final Sunrise Selfies screening of Barbara’s year took place last Friday, and there were a lot of them. All participants were eligible for the drawing for $100 in Paul Harris credit, which was won by Susan Jansson.

Barbara reminded us that next Friday’s meeting will honor the top ten percent of the Arcata High School Class of 2015.  

Scott Heller’s parents had a tradition of making a donation to a worthy cause each year, and they would give much thought to determining what group or groups to help. Although Scott’s father Doug passed away not long ago, his mother is carrying on the tradition. This year, she made donations to our Arcata Sunrise Community Foundation and to the Rotary Foundation. Thank you, Mary Heller!

Awards Season Part XXII (?)
President Barbara presented an award to Terri Clark, who has shepherded us to (and beyond) our goals for contributions to the Rotary Foundation this year. The first goal was achieving “Every Rotarian, Every Year” status, which means that each member of our Club donated at least $10 to the Rotary Foundation this year. Our other goal was to reach $11,500 in donations to the Foundation this year. By the time the dust settled on our Fantastic Final Friday Foundation Auction (see below), we had made it! Thanks to all of you, and thank you Terri, for continuing to remind us how important our Foundation contributions are.

Final Friday Foundation Auction Results
It was our last Foundation Auction of Barbara’s presidential year, and Sunrisers were once again generous – both in providing prizes and in their bidding for those goodies. Here’s what was on the auction block:

  • Julie Vaissade-Elcock donated a Hawaii-themed wine and cheese basket, featuring a surfboard-shaped cutting board. Terri Clark was the winning bidder.
  • Dustin Littlefield discovered the Hobgoblin drink while doing research for our Spring Fundraiser earlier this year. He donated a Hobgoblin Basket, with all the fixin’s for a DIY party. Ron Sharp and Barbara Browning selected those spirits (pun intended).
  • Scott Heller provided (and demonstrated, sorta) his donation of a dinner for four at his home, but not at his home. It was a very movable feast, which included leg of lamb, garlic, green beans, brie, a baguette, champagne, Pinot Noir, almond cake, and port. (Be sure to reduce the port for the port reduction sauce.) Maggie Kraft got all that, with full instructions and/or Scott’s cell number.
  • Tom Tellez donated an excellent 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon from Jordan Winery. The winning bid was made by Lori Breyer.
  • A “Teardrop Weekend” – the use of a Teardrop Trailer for use at a Humboldt County park – was donated by Craig Newman. Charlie Jordan picked up that offer quickly!
  • Lisa Hemphill provided a beautiful necklace – a pearl on a gold chain. Be watching – Janice Newman will probably wear it to a meeting in the near future. 
  • Claire Ajina donated a series of books to introduce a newbie to the world of scrapbooking. Terri Clark was the winner, and she will be preserving her memories soon.
  • A Rotary art piece and some whiskey (with extras) was the prize from Bryan Reeser. President Barbara (and Ron Sharp) walked off with that one!
  • Orrin Plocher crafted a work of kitchen art for the auction. It was a grouping of handmade utensils that hangs on the wall, but each part can be used, washed, and re-hung! The winning bidder was Janice Newman.
  • Five dozen home-grown eggs were donated by Kyle Visser. John Gullam was the winner, but I don’t know whether he put them all in one basket. I do know that a second batch was purchased by Julie Vaissade-Elcock.
  • Praj White provided some wine. Unfortunately, I missed any and all details. I do know that Alyson Hunter was the wine winner.
  • A special bourbon collection was donated by Bryan Plumley. Jeff Munther will be sippin’ that hootch soon.
  • Mozara’s parents, Vanessa and Robson Abdalla, donated a bottle of Brazilian wine, which was purchased by Julie Vaissade-Elcock.
  • A t-shirt from the First Women’s World Spearfishing Championship was offered by Brandi Easter. Terri Clark made the winning bid.
  • Chris Hemphill donated a bottle of wine, and once again I have no specifics. The high bid was made by Ed Christians.

As previously noted, the auction brought in enough (actually, more than enough) to push us over our Foundation giving goal for Barbara’s year. The total take from Friday’s auction was $2,130! Thanks again to all who have donated and purchased this year – you’re helping the Rotary Foundation make our world a better place!