Volume XII, Issue 46: June 27, 2014

Last week’s meeting took place half a day earlier than usual – President Jessica was Debunked on Thursday evening as we gathered at Julie Vaissade-Elcock’s home. Past President George Cavinta hosted the affair, at which he asked Jessica to show off her public speaking skills. George rattled off a few topics, but he didn’t rattle Jessica! Her extemporaneous speechifyin’ earned several rounds of admiring applause. 

The debunking tradition is difficult to explain to anyone who owns a dictionary. My office dictionary defines the word debunk as follows: “To expose the sham or falseness of”. Clearly, these are not words that describe President Jessica’s term in office. Still, we had a lot of fun. 


Part of that fun was dressing Jessica in traditional “hippie chick” garb, complete with a curly blond wig! We then watched a video that showed a typical Friday morning at Chez McKnight. To see this, simply click on “Jessica DeBunking” below (which came to us courtesy of a “Fly On The Wall”). However, if you missed the “Back In The Saddle” video by Former President Scott Heller, you should check that out first.


Following the videos, speeches, and a veritable snowfall of the year’s agendas and notes, it was time for the traditional Debunking Song, from Your Editor. The song can be heard (and seen) by clicking on the link below, “F-U-N With Jessica”.

I’m sure I speak for all Sunrisers in thanking President Jessica for a very productive Rotary Year, and for reminding us all that we are the club that puts F-U-N into Rotary!!