Volume XII, Issue 8: August 29, 2012

Fifth Friday Fellowship

Last week, we had our first Arcata Sunrise Fifth Friday Fellowship. In months that contain five Fridays, we will forgo meeting on that fifth Friday. But we will still meet – but it will be at an alternate date/time and location.

The alternate date was Wednesday of last week, and the alternate location was Merryman’s Beach House at Moonstone Beach. We joined with the Rotary Club of Arcata (aka “The Noon Club”) to welcome this year’s Inbound Exchange Students. Our Club is hosting Fa Sillapajarn from Thailand, and the Nooners have Luca Vass from Hungary.

The meeting portion of the evening was mercifully short – Our Kahuna, President George, shared the “podium” with Noon Club President Ross Welch. After just a few choice comments by the duo we returned to the festivities, which included a massive pot luck and barbeque feast. Your Editor took a few photos, which are shared below …

Guests of Honor Luca and Fa

A Presidential Welcome

The Most Patient Man in the Universe


Cooking at the Bob-a-Cue