Volume XII, Issue 8: August 30, 2013

The Comings and Goings of Exchange Students

Logan White

Outbound Exchange Student Logan White attended his last Arcata Sunrise meeting for a while. He was scheduled to leave for Italy this week. He took the opportunity to thank our Club for sponsoring him, and “for believing in me”. And we do – Logan will be a great representative of our community and our country.

Football Exchangers

We also heard from Alex Rialet, our Inbound Exchanger from France. He recently had dinner with Bob Johnson and family, and as of Friday, he had nearly completed his first week at Arcata High School. He is on the AHS football team, and he was looking forward to their game against Ferndale High on Saturday.

President Jessica reminded us last Friday that our dues are due. Actually, they are past due. Remember, you can pay half now and the other half by the end of December. If you still owe, please contact Treasurer Bryan Reeser as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, September 18th, we will have our annual Exchange Student Welcome Party/BBQ at Moonstone Beach House. We will honor our own Exchanger, Alex, along with the student hosted by the Arcata Noon Rotary. More details will be posted soon.

If you haven’t visited yet, check out the new and improved Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise website. Garrett Parks and Scott Heller worked hard to develop the crisp visual design and the user-friendly interface. Garrett gave us a brief tour of the site last Friday, and he and Scott have followed up with tutorials that highlight various features, including the Project Map, which shows the many places in the world that our Club has affected. They even included a secure Members Area. Thank you, guys!!

Last Friday, our Recognitionist was Ceva Courtemanche, whose baby Hayes had made it through the whole night in his crib – slept straight through with just one exception!

We don’t know if Randy Mendosa slept through the night, but he and his wife LIsa continued their anniversary tradition. On August 26th, they celebrated 24 years of marriage with dinner at Larrupin’s. Randy said that this year was the best year – but he noted that each year is always the best.

Ian and Elizabeth Schatz’s 20th anniversary was August 28th, but they were saving the celebration for the long weekend. Ian did note that they were married at Larrupin’s – but maybe he was being facetious … ya think?

Garrett Perks turned 33 on August 17th, and he celebrated with dinner at Larrupin’s. [What? Wait …] He said that his best all-time birthday was when he was a seventh grader.

Sir Charles Giannini is on leave from the Club at the moment, but if you see him, wish him a happy 65th birthday. The date was August 28th, but I hope that he’s still celebrating.

Foundation Final Friday
Who was Paul Harris? He had lots of jobs (salesman, reporter, actor, and cowboy, among others) before establishing his law practice in 1896. As a lawyer in Chicago at the turn of the 20th century, he was aware that many businesses and professionals were skimpy on ethics. In 1905, Harris and three of his clients established the first Rotary Club, “in fellowship and friendship”.

The Rotary Foundation was a natural outgrowth of the Rotary International’s service orientation, and eventually, the Paul Harris Fellowships were created to recognize contributors to this important, efficient charitable organization.

Last week, we honored Cindy Sutcliffe, who has achieved Paul Harris Fellowship status for the 4th time! And we also welcomed our newest Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary Kid Mary Crow! Mary has been working diligently to achieve her fellowship through contributions (mostly baked goods) to our Foundation Friday Auctions. With a little help from her friends, she made it!!

The Auction last week featured the following items:

  • Mary Crow donated a box full of goodies, including baked goods and a potholder. The winning bid was cast by Janice Newman.
  • The next items were three opportunities to take the “Redwood Canopy Tour” in the Arcata Community Forest. Your Editor became a little confused, but I think that Romi Hitchcock Tinseth and Amy Bohner were our donors, and Rebecca Crow and Brandi Easter were two of the winners. 
  • “Don’t Throw It, Grow It!” was the title of a book and the theme of the auction package that included it. Lori Breyer put the kit together for reusing and recycling items to be used in the garden. Terri Clark was the winner, as was her garden.
  • The final Final Friday item was a Salmon Package, including fresh salmon, salmon spread, and halibut. The outstanding offer was donated by Craig Newman, and enjoyed by Cindy Sutcliffe.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in the auction – the donors, the purchasers, and the bidder-uppers! And a special thanks are due to our Guest Auctioneer – Logan (“$100”) White! We’ll ask him to do it again when he returns in 2014. 

Logan, President Jessica, and Alex