Volume XIII, Issue 11: September 18, 2015

Coming Soon …
Sept 26 – Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup – 9:30 – 11:30 am – Meet at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Sept 26 – District 5130 Rotary Foundation Workshop in Fortuna – 10 am to 2 pm
Sept 27 – District 5130 New Focus Membership Meeting in Fortuna – 10 am to 2 pm
Oct 3RISE EVENT  – CASA Kids Walk (Support the North Bay Rotaract Club’s team) – 6 pm at the Old Town Gazebo
Oct 10RISE EVENT – HSU Homecoming Tailgate Party!
Oct 31RISE EVENT –  Lost Coast Rotaract’s 5th Annual “Spirits & Spirits” in Old Town
Nov 14RISE EVENT – Foundation Dinner North in Ferndale – “An Evening in the Enchanted Forest”
Nov 19A Taste of the Holidays at the Arcata Community Center 
Dec 5RISE EVENT – Christmas Caroling for Arts Alive in Old Town Eureka

Rotarian News 

  • President Howard was on the road last week, so Past President Barbara Browning filled in. 
  • Members of the North Bay Rotaract Club were on hand, selling cupcakes to support their team for the upcoming CASA Kids Walk. Former Rotary Kid Lacey Watson invited us to join their group at the Walk, which will take place on Saturday, October 3rd, from 6 to 7 pm during Arts Alive. 
  • We’ll also have a chance to support our other young adult group – the Lost Coast Rotaract Club – during their annual “Spirits and Spirits” Ghost Tour of Old Town Eureka. This year, the event takes place on Halloween night!
  • John Gullam told us that we will resume filling Backpacks for Kids on October 9th. He said that a new slot will be added to the Signup Genius. John also reminded us that individual Sunrisers can help out by sponsoring a year of backpacks for a needy child for $265.
  •  John then said that our Club is expected to receive a Matching Grant to help support the “The Shoe That Grows”, a program that provides expandable shoes to children in countries where there is the danger of soil-transmitted diseases and parasites. 
  • You can help the victims of the Valley Fire, which has claimed homes and property in the Clear Lake area. Rotary Kid Mary Crow is collecting clothing along with others at her school, and you can make a secure online donation by visiting the Redwood Credit Union’s Announcement Page. To donate by check via the Lakeport Rotary or the Calistoga Rotary, visit the District 5130 website for mailing instructions.

Humboldt Live!
Jim Ritter visited our Club last Friday. He heads up the College and Career Center at Arcata High School, and his program Humboldt Live! provides career and academic information to students in junior high and high schools in Humboldt County, in addition to providing outreach to young adults transitioning from the foster family program to living independently.

Jim Ritter

Jim noted that the program for transitional youth is a partnership between our Club and Humboldt Live. He also said that the College and Career Center recently received a grant, which will allow it to provide some services to McKinleyville High.

Our Club is a key to the success of the Center and Humboldt Live!, according to Jim. He showed several photos of Rotarians serving as members of career panels and hosting job shadow participants. 

He also said that Arcata Sunrise, the Arcata Noon Rotary, and the North Bay Rotaract Club were instrumental to the success of last year’s Pancake Breakfast – the Career Center’s major funding source.

The transitional youth program is scheduled to begin soon, meeting twice each week, with field trips to be arranged. Jim noted that the subject matter at the meetings is based on the interests expressed by the participants, as it is in other Humboldt Live! programs. He expects that he will be reaching out to members of our Club once again in the coming year.

The Continuing Story of Brother Bob
Our latest Recognition gave us the tale of Bob Johnson, as told by Rebecca Crow. She told us that one of Bob’s favorite pastimes is to dress in red, and pretend to be a Target employee. 

Bob is the oldest of three siblings, and he began honing his leadership skills early, working to keep his sisters in line. Those efforts were not well-received by the sisters in question, however, but they are all great friends now.

Bob attended St. Bernard’s School in Eureka through 6th grade, and he graduated from Eureka High. Rebecca said that he later received his degree from College of the Redwoods, but that point was later clarified by Bob. It seems that he was told that he needed but one class to achieve his AA. He completed the class only to be told that there was, in fact, another final class needed. Bob said, “Forget it!” (or something that starts with a similar sound). Years later, he inquired about taking that last class, only to be told that additional requirements had been added. Bob said, “Phooey!” (or something that starts with a similar sound). 

Bob has always been involved in music. He played French Horn in his school orchestra, and he also plays trumpet and guitar. He played in his family’s band, the Johnson Music Company. However, Bob is best-known for playing the string bass, the instrument he plays in his current band, the Living Rooms.

Bob is quite the family man. He has been married to his wife Susan since 1980, and they have two adult sons- Patrick and Aaron. Everyone who knows the family realizes what a great husband and father Bob is.

His mother noted that he has always been self-supporting, always had a job. He bought his own car and his own gas. He worked in the family band on weekends, and always had more money than the other kids. He’s still a hard worker and he is great with customers. He owned the Arcata Color Center for almost 25 years, and now he and Sue co-own Shady Lady Window Coverings in Henderson Center. In 2010, he earned Master Installer status from Hunter-Douglas.

Bob served as our Club President in 1995-1996. When Rebecca asked who was on his Board of Directors that year, he thought for a moment and said, “Craig Newman, Craig Newman, Craig Newman, and … Craig Newman.” She also asked whether Bob is a “good Johnson or a bad Johnson”. He copped to being a “bad Johnson”. [But he’s in good company!

Bob also loves to travel, and he is a river rafting guide. His favorite place to visit is “Waikiki, baby!” His favorite foods are bread and cheese or pizza. 

His mother told Rebecca that Bob is very funny, and “there’s never a dull moment” when Bob is around. “He’s very entertaining and quiick-witted,” she said. I think we can all agree with that!

All About Sweden
Our Featured Speaker was Sophia Waern-Bugge, our Exchange Student from Sweden, who told us about her country and herself. She thanked us for hosting her this year, and she said that she appreciates the warm welcome we provided. 

She said that Sweden is roughly the same size as California, however “we have almost 10 million people, while you have almost 40 million.” Of that population, about 2.2 million live in the capital city of Stockholm. Sophia and her family live in the municipality of Nyköping, which is about 100 kilometers southwest. She said that it is a small coastal town with about

Sophia Waern-Bugge

55,000 inhabitants. The town boasts a castle that dates from the late twelfth century. During the winter, the sun rises at 9 am and sets at 3 pm, while summer days start at 3:30 am and last until 10 pm. “It’s hard to sleep sometimes,” she said.

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, “which means we have a royal family,” Sophia told us, “but they don’t have any  power.” She did say that they have “really nice weddings”. 

Sophia’s family consists of her parents, Maria and Kristian, her brother Fredrik, and her sister Anna. Her parents are doctors, who work for the local hospital. Fredrik attends university in Uppsala, while Anna recently graduated from high school. Anna was also an Exchange Student, and her experiences in Australia helped inspire Sophia to try it as well. The family loves to travel and to ski – Sophia has been a skier since she was four. Sophia also plays piano, she enjoys photography, and she loves to read.

Sophia said that she and her cousins are very close. They spend summers and holidays together. When she is with friends, she likes to go for coffee (and take selfies).

Sophia showed us a slide with pictures of delicious-looking food. She said that “we make all kinds of things with blueberries where I live in the summer”, including blueberry pie. She made several plates of thumbprint cookies, which she shared with us. Her photos also included cinnamon rolls and jumbo shrimp. 

Sophia shared some interesting facts about Sweden – it has over 100,000 lakes, about half of its area is forested, and it has been at peace for over 200 years. Its notable exports include Volvo, IKEA, and ABBA. And about 85% of all Swedes speak English.