Volume XIII, Issue 41: May 27, 2016

Coming Distractions …
June 3 – Grand Opening – AHS Fine Arts Center – 5 pm
June 4 – The Humboldt Bay Rowing Association’s Learn to Row Day – starting at 7 am
June 5RISE EVENT – Kids, Crabs, and Rotary at Arcata Ballpark – 11 am
June 11 – RISE EVENT – North Bay Rotaract Color Run – Perigot Park in Blue Lake – 10 am to 3 pm
June 18 – RISE EVENT – 26th Arcata Oyster Festival – providing beer to the thirsty
June 26RISE EVENT – Lost Coast Rotaract’s 3rd Annual Softball Tournament at Redwood Fields – 10 am
July 4RISE EVENT – Independence Day on the Plaza – volunteer at the RCAS Family Comfort Station
July 9RISE EVENT – Friends of the Dunes’ Sand Sculpture Festival
July 16 – Opening of the World War II Memorial at the California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport – 2 pm

RISE = Rotary Involvement Strengthens Everyone 

Sunriser Shorts

  • Sunriser Brandi Easter spent a couple of weeks in Bali recently, and President Howard shared some of her photos. She said that she didn’t spend a lot of time in the water, although she did do some free diving. “I drank far too much beer,” she admitted, “and I did a lot of walking.” She said that the people there are “fabulous”. Although her schedule did not permit it this time, she hopes to do a Make-Up at the local Rotary Club when she returns.
  • President Howard showed two photos of Terri Clark’s closet. One was a pre-retirement view, and the other was a much more organized post-retirement shot. You may want to invite her over sometime soon …

Vocational Service Award
Former Club President Jessica McKnight chairs our Vocational Service Committee, and she presented our second Vocational Service Award of the Rotary year last Friday. She reminded us that we revitalized the award this year, asking our members to nominate people who are not currently Rotarians, but who demonstrate Rotary Values in their daily lives.

Mandi Kindred of Blue Lake Casino is one of those people. She began working at the casino in 2003, and she has been the General Manager for over 10 years. She serves on the boards of two local Chambers of Commerce and on the board of the Blue Lake Fire Department. She is also a regular volunteer at Blue Lake School, and she has organized many local events. 

Sunriser Tom Tellez saw the many ways Mandi serves her community, and nominated her for this award. He told us, “I’ve always been inspired by how active she is, and by her leadership.” Looking at the Rotary Values we discuss at the beginning of each meeting, he realized that Mandi embodies
them. He said that he was very happy to write up her nomination, since she inspires him. 

Mandi oversees over 300 employees in the gaming and hospitality industry. She has been described as a “compassionate and understanding boss”, who encourages her employees. The people contacted by the Committee invariably praised Mandi for her professionalism and her personable nature.

Jessica told Mandi that the Vocational Service Award has three components. The first is to share her accomplishments with our Club and with the public, to allow us to understand why she was selected. The second is to bring her into a special circle of Rotarians and other honorees by making her a Paul Harris Fellow. The third component comprises two donations of $250 each – one to the College and Career Center at Arcata High School, and the other to a nonprofit organization of Mandi’s selection. 

Former District Governor Kirk Brown of the Del Norte Sunrise Rotary chairs the District Foundation Committee, and he joined our Club’s Foundation Chair (and former District Governor, too) Terri Clark to present Mandi’s Paul Harris Fellowship.


Mandi Kindred and Jessica McKnight

Mandi told us that she was honored to be considered, and that it was an even greater honor to have been chosen for the award.

Foundation News

Kristina, Sophia, and Terri

Foundation Chair Terri Clark noted that it is our custom to present Paul Harris Fellowships to our Exchange Students, and last Friday, we made Kristina McHaney a PHF! She will be on her way to Bolivia this summer, so we’re just in time! She is shown below with our Inbound Exchanger Sophia Waern-Bugge from Sweden, who received her PHF earlier this Rotary Year.

Terri was also able to recognize her dear friend who has also been a great friend to Rotary over the years, Suzy Gaxiola. Suzy has hosted several Exchange Students over the years, and considers them her kids. Congratulations and thank you, Suzy!

PDG Kirk Brown took part in a second presentation, this time recognizing Sunriser Scott Heller for his contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Kirk said that “we don’t ask Rotarians to give ’til it hurts, we ask them to give ’til it feels good”. Scott lives that. He was honored as a Major Donor, but he has also gone beyond that. He has also named the Rotary Foundation in his estate plan, making him a member of the Bequest Society. Kirk said that means that “when you kick off, we’ll receive”. However, this is a very serious commitment to the Foundation, and Scott does not take it lightly.

Scott had great examples of generosity – his parents. His father passed away a few years ago, and his mother died on May 21st. Last Friday would have been her 83rd birthday. Scott told us, “Both my parents were instrumental in introducing me to the joy of giving.” 

Scott has been thinking a lot about that topic while dealing with his father’s estate. “I was raised,” he noted, “that you have a responsibility to help your family, their families, and generations to come. It has always been a tradition in Jewish culture that you provide for future generations.”

Their giving has taken varied forms. For over 55 years, Scott’s mother Mary “poured her heart into Peninsula Volunteers”. His father Doug worked to help people understand the troubles facing Israel. For Scott, it’s Rotary. 

Scott motioned to the slide on the screen, which read “Altruism: The belief in or practice of disinterest and selfless concern for the well-being of others.” Scott said that this is what the Bequest Society is all about. His parents both set up funds that would be donated upon their deaths, and determined the amount or percentage to be given to each charity. Rotary provides a page on its website that allows you to do the same. 

Scott Heller

“We all believe in this word,” Scott said, gesturing to the slide. “It’s what gets you up to go to a 7 o’clock meeting. We all believe in Rotary – that’s what gets you up to come to this 7 o’clock meeting. You believe in Rotary works, and you believe in Rotary values.” You can continue to support the good works of a great organization by naming the Rotary Foundation in your estate plan. 

Thank you for providing inspiriation in the face of your loss, Scott.

The Final Friday Foundation Auction!
We held the last Final Friday Foundation Auction of President Howard’s year. As you probably recall, prizes are donated by Sunrisers, and the total price paid for each item is given to the Rotary Foundation, to support its fantastic programs. The Paul Harris Sustaining Fellowship credit for the amount paid is split betwixt the donor and the purchaser. Here are last Friday’s results:

  • Dustin Littlefield provided gift certificates from Libation and Mad River Brewing Company, and the winner was Lori Breyer.
  • President Howard donated five-week tango course for two people. Jessica McKnight will be the next enthusiastic student.
  • An “Unplugged” relaxation kit was offered by Karen Burgesser. Lori Breyer will be taking a break from electronics soon, as the winning bidder.
  • A jeroboam of wine is a BIG bottle, and that’s what Tom Tellez brought as his auction contribution. One of our visitors, whose name I didn’t catch, provided the top bid.
  • Bryan Reeser donated a basket containing items from Fire & Light and other goodies, which North Bay Rotaract President Rachel Damme took home (or to work).
  • Ray Noggle showed up with five dozen home-grown eggs, one dozen of which were from a bantam! The buyers were Tom Tellez, Janice Newman, Julie Vaissade-Elcock, John Gullam, and A.J. Gonzales. 
  • A beautiful pair of Fire & Light bowls donated by Claire Ajina were purchased by an anonymous bidder. That is, anonymous to Your Editor. I think everyone else knew who it was.
  • Some primo tequila was offered by Ron Sharp, and the winning bid was tendered by Scott Heller.
  • Jessica McKnight brought in a “Boldt Basket”, featuring a bottle of Boldt Whiskey, a bunch of Boldt swag, and a Boldt Barrel, for aging the elixir. Craig Newman carted that package home.
  • Maggie Kraft donated two bottles of wine from Iniquity Cellars in Calistoga. The winning bid was made by Deb Engs.
  • Deb Engs donated a gift certificate for the Plaza Grill, and that was purchased by John Gullam.
  • A pair of earrings were held over from last month, so the donor could not easily be identified. They were purchased by Matt Babich – we’re (pretty) sure of that!
  • Lori Breyer offered a light blue fleece Rotary vest that was purchased by Rotaractor Lacey Watson.
  • A “Drunken Botanist” basket was donated by Nick Torres, and our Vocational Service Award Winner Mandi Kindred was the winner!
  • Julie Vaissade-Elcock brought in a beautiful pink hydrangea for the auction, and Karen Burgesser will add it to her garden.
  • An “off-the-books” final item was offered by Exchange Student Sophia, to support her coming Western Safari trip. She assembled a Swedish Basket (which included a bottle of Absolut vodka), which was purchased by Maggie Kraft.

As a result of the auction(s), the Rotary Foundation will receive a total donation of $1,295, and Sophia has another chunk of the money she will need to go on the Rotary Western Safari! Great job, Sunrisers (and others, too)!!

Vocational Moment 
We heard from Bob Moore, who has been an Arcata Sunriser since 2003. He is a Vice President with Coast Central Credit Union, and he has two children. Last Friday, his 19-year old son was “in Monaco, watching the Formula One races. His daughter just graduated from Cal State San Marcos the previous weekend. “I’m a very happy camper,” he told us.

Flash Recognitions

  • Tomas Chavez reported that he and Heidi will soon have their second child. “You can’t plan those things sometimes,” he said. They are very happy.
  • Randy Mendosa’s daughter Janie had her picture in the Times-Standard recently. She was modeling one of the outfits to be featured in FLOW, a fashion show produced by the Arcata Arts Institute at Arcata High School that took place the following evening. The photo was taken by our own Brandi Easter, who has been working with AAI on the event for the past two years.