Volume XIII, Issue 8: August 29, 2014


Mozara Abdalla told us last Friday that she had a great time meeting with the other District 5230 Inbound Exchange Students – whitewater rafting and also going to the water park. She said that she made a lot of new friends. Somehow, as her boat was heading for the rapids, Mozara ended up in the middle of the boat. The guide said that she was “riding princess”. That inspired President Barbara to ask Mozara how to say “princess” in Portuguese –  it’s “princesa” (PRIN-sez-zah). Barbara then gave Mozara the traditional summer gift from our Club – a warm Humboldt hoodie!

Dustin with President Barbara

Dustin Wallace, the recipient of our 2013 Four-Year Memorial Scholarship, was a guest last Friday. He is attending Humboldt State University, majoring in Rangeland Resource Science, focusing on grasslands and desert environments. As he has done for the past four years, Dustin worked on a sheep ranch this summer. When he completes his degree, he plans to work as a range specialist. 

On the Calendar
September 11 – RISE EVENT – Mad River Brewery Tour – 5 pm
September 17 (or 24) – RISE EVENT – Youth Exchange Welcome BBQ at Moonstone Beach
September 20 – RISE EVENT – “Equivocation” at Redwood Curtain Theatre – 8 pm
October 2 – RISE EVENT – Arcata Chamber Mixer at Blue Lake Casino – 5:30 pm
October 4 – RISE EVENT – HSU Homecoming Tailgate Party – 3 to 6 pm

Special Daze
George and Diana Cavinta celebrated their 23rd anniversary on July 20th. Well … sorta. George took son Andrew to see the latest “Planet of the Apes” movie, because Diana was moving Georgie (another son) up to Eugene, Oregon. Since then, they have celebrated with “quite a few dinners”. Barbara asked about Georgie’s plans – he will attend Lane Community College for a couple of years, then transfer to the University of Oregon. 

On August 14th, Praj and Alisa White celebrated their anniversary by having “a large feast at the house with a couple of guests and family”. They didn’t play poker that day, but “probably the day before and the day after”. He explained that “Logan has been holding Texas Hold’em tournaments at the house” recently. Praj also confirmed that the family has moved from McKinleyville to a new home in Bayside.

Effective August 21st, Terri Clark has been married for 32 years to “the most tolerant man in the universe – really!” (That would be Marty Lay.) Terri’s anniversary coincided with the special RCAS Board Meeting with District Governor Kevin Eisenburg. “But last year,” she noted, “He was president [of the Southwest Eureka Rotary], and his board meeting was the same night. So we’ve had two anniversaries in a row where we did Rotary, and that’s probably enough.” The following evening, they did go to Moonstone Grill, where they occupied a corner table and had a lovely time. That lovely time included the discovery of a new martini – “My  Wife’s Pepperoncini Martini”. 

Randy and Lisa Mendosa enjoyed “Pizza Night at Home” for their anniversary on August 26th, since it was a school night. However, since it was a milestone anniversary (Number 25), they planned a Saturday date to go to their traditional anniversary restaurant – Larrupin’s.

August 28th was the 21st anniversary for Ian and Elizabeth Schatz. Since their marriage is now old enough to drink, they planned to take a bottle of “something” up to Trinidad and go to Larrupin’s Friday evening.

President Barbara won the first “Selfie Drawing”. The Club will make a $25 contribution to her Paul Harris Fellowship account. You could win at our next Final Friday – all you have to do to enter is send Ceva Courtemanche a selfie! 

Ceva also hosted an Arcata Sunrise version of “The Price is Right”, with contestants Bryan Plumley, Scott Heller, and George Cavinta. The trio was vying for a second $25 PHF contribution. Here were the questions:

  • What is the price of a bundle containing the following ways to contribute to the Rotary Foundation – a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Membership, Paul Harris Fellowship, and a Bequest Society Membership? ($11,100)
  • What percentage of all dues-paying members need to be Paul Harris Fellows for a Rotary Club to be considered a “Paul Harris Fellow Club”? (100%)
  • What milestone number of Paul Harris Fellows was reached in 2005? (1 million)

Foundation Final Friday

Mozara with Terri Clark

Our Club is very close to achieving “Every Rotarian, Every Year” recognition. To earn that honor, every member of the Club must contribute at least $10 to the Rotary Foundation. Many Sunrisers, of course, contribute much, much more that that amount. However, this recognition shows that each member of a Rotary Club has an understanding of the value of the mission of the Rotary Foundation. If you haven’t made a contribution yet, please do so. Our total Foundation donations for the year, before last Friday’s auction, were above $3,500, so we are well on our way toward our goal of $11,500!

Lori & Terri

We recognized a new Paul Harris Fellow last Friday – our Exchange Student Mozara Abdalla. Elevating our Exchangers to Paul Harris status is a relatively new tradition for our Club, but it’s a good one. We also recognized Sunriser Lori Breyer and former Sunriser Cindy Sutcliffe for achieving multiple PHF status.

We added to our Club totals with our Final Friday Foundation Auction. All proceeds from the auction are donated to the Foundation, with half of the winning price credited to the donor and the other half credited to the purchaser. Here are last week’s

Cindy & Terri


  • Karen Burgesser donated a garden package containing a flowering Christmas Cactus, a Paul McCartney cap (from Karen’s trip to see the legend at Candlestick Park), cards featuring pictures of flowers from Karen’s garden (two in a two-sided frame), a Barefoot Wine bag and stopper, a Virgin America two-fer offer, and a few other goodies. Your Editor snatched up that bundle.
  • A Corn Hole Set, complete with two corn hole boards and eight beanbags, all decorated with SF 49ers logos was provided by Tomas Chavez. The whole set went home with Scott Heller.
  • Angelo Bacigaluppi pitched in a Mad River Brewery Extravaganza that contained assorted brews and a gift card to the brewery’s Tap Room. Craig Newman will make good use of that!
  • Tami Camper made Brigadeiro (delicious-looking chocolate treats) with the help of Exchange Student Mozara. Lori Breyer and Rina Brodhag each took off with a plateful.
  • Rotary Kid Mary Crow is working toward her second Paul Harris Fellow recognition! She donated a batch of her yummy snickerdoodles, and the winning bid came from Janice Newman.
  • The final Final Friday Auction item came from Ed Christians. It was a “Complete Greeting Card Kit”, containing cards for all occasions, and stamps, too! Joyce Hinrichs will be able to stay in touch with her peeps, thanks to her winning bid. 

And thanks to all who donated and purchased (and those who bid up the items). We added another $705 to our Club’s Foundation total for the year!