February 20, 2009

His Excellency President Mark I called upon Dan Collen at our meeting, noting that he’s “been out of town a lot”. Dan explained that his January 14th birthday always coincides with the annual NCAA Convention. So he celebrated with friends.

Jason White’s birthday fell on a Tuesday this year (February 17th), so he and his wife Maggie made the most of the occasion with a dinner at Sunset Grill. Then, they went home. (Well, it was a school night.)

Sir Charles Giannini reminded us that there are limited spots available for Charter Night. The annual event will be held on Thursday, March 5th. That will be our official meeting for the week; we will be dark the following morning. The event will begin at 6 pm with no-host cocktails, followed by dinner at 7 pm. Please contact Sir Charles to save your slot.

The Firehouse Fundraiser is almost here. Contact Craig Newman to get tickets for individuals – they’re available for $50 apiece. We have 30 tables sold to groups – and we can certainly provide more to interested businesses or groups.

President Mark presented the coveted Blue Badge to Rebecca Crow at the meeting. She completed all of the newcomer requirements to make the transition from Red Badge more quickly than any new member in recent history.

Finemaster Jessica McKnight asked Dan Collen about his trip to the NCAA Conference in Washington, D.C. (as mentioned in Special Daze). He said that is was exciting being in the Capital during the run-up to the inauguration, although he left the day before the main event. Jessica also asked Dan about a top-rated television show on Thursday nights – it’s “Humboldt State Tonight!” Dan said that it started last fall, and has gained the highest ratings for the evening among the all-important demographic of 18 to 35 year old males. With the fines for the two events, Dan joined the elite “Bold and Gold” group.

Lynda Moore is feeling good as she takes a temporary respite from her retirement. She needed the use of a wheelchair recently, and she told us that her next project is to “patch up the nicks around the house at the same height as the wheelchair”. At any rate, she’s back on the job for a while, and we wish her the best.

“Last week was very cool, I must say.” These words were spoken by Bob Johnson, about the previous week’s Valentune [sic] serenade for a few Sunrisers. Bob’s son Aaron was among the musicians on hand from the Armack Orchestra who performed. Bob said that he has admired other Sunriser progeny as they sang, danced, and/or played their way into our Club members’ hearts, but this was his Proud Poppa moment. “Both my kids took their obligatory two years of piano,” said Bob, ” and they both wanted to be in the orchestra.” Aaron decided to take up the string bass, and Bob worked with him over the summer prepping. The payoff was when Aaron told his grandfather that he would be performing at Carnegie Hall later in the school year. Congratulations!

PROGRAM – Our World Community Service Committee
The Club’s World Community Service Committee is made up of Chair Howard Stauffer, Karen Burgesser, Bruce LeBel, Jacqueline Debets, Brett Johnson, Michael Boreing, Brandi Easter, Harry Johnson, and Barbara Browning. It is a very active committee, with a full plate of activities that affect people around the world.

The group’s 2008-2009 projects include fluoride treatment for the children of Cofradia, Mexico, support for the Nigerian AIDS Orphans project, providing supplies for a hospital in Tomsk, Russia, providing library books and other literacy support in Kalimantan, Borneo, helping to establish the Vangtang Village School in Laos, ongoing support for the Mongkolbory Primary School in Cambodia, helping provide malaria relief in Sierra Leone, and assistance for the District 5130 Group Study Exchange program.