March 31, 2017

2016-17 Rotary Theme

Welcome to the Sunrise Spirit –
the Weekly Newsletter of The Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise

 Our Next Meeting

Several members of our Club will be our Featured Speakers on Friday, April 7th. Our program will feature some Sunriser business owners! We hope you will consider joining us at 7 am at the Plaza View Room in Jacoby’s Storehouse for this interesting presentation.

RISE Calendar …
“Rotary Involvement Strengthens Everyone

March 25 – Rotary Reforestation Project in Middletown starting at 9 am
April 10 – RCAS/RCAS Foundation Board Meetings at the Golden Harvest – 7 am
April 22 – RCAS Adopt-a-Highway outing for Earth Day! Meet at the Coastal Nature Center at 9:30 am – we’ll be done at around 11:30 (am).
April 22 – International Food & Wine Pairing – 6 pm at the Eureka Women’s Club. This is a fundraiser for the Lost Coast Rotaract Club.
May 12-14  – The District 5130 Conference at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort in Incline Village, Nevada
June 2 – The Steve Brodhag Golf Tournament at Baywood – a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka. Contact Emanuel Rose to participate.

Sunrise Moments

The Judy Report: Here, Judy describes her week, including a real burn …

Rotary “Kid” Update: Kate Breyer began attending the University of Hawaii in September, and she was home last week for a visit, and she told us a little bit about her life in the island Paradise. She said she came over for Spring Break, and she said, “It’s going great – we’re almost done with this semester.” Kate is majoring in Nutrition, and she was happy to be home for a while.

Another College Update: Four years ago, our Club awarded a scholarship to Abigail Peterson, who attends Humboldt State University. Abigail sent word that she will be graduating summa cum laude in May, with a Bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She has spent the last few years studying in the Cancer Stem Cell Laboratory under Dr. Amy Sprowels, and she has also worked with the North Coast Concussion Program, testing local athletes for concussions. Abigail has been nominated for the HSU Outstanding Student Award, and the winner will be announced later this month. She has been accepted to “America’s Medical School” at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. She will be attending as a commissioned Air Force officer. Congratulations, Abigail!

Special Daze:  Matt Babich experienced another birthday on Sunday, March 19th, but not in this country – no, no – he was in Costa Rica!! He said that he rewarded those who wished him a Happy Birthday (without being prompted by Facebook) with “a funny video of me”. Does that really narrow it down?

March 21st was Brandi Easter’s birthday, and she spent the weekend with a group of women who have been gathering together for the past 29 years at that time of year. Brandi joined them about 15 years ago, and she said, “We’ve been on quite the journey. Every year, it becomes even more and more important for us.” They have lost some of the “sisters” over the years, and the group has cared for them and for the memories of them. The group laughs a lot, and the bond deepens. Brandi cooked the first dinner of the weekend, so she prepared lobster for 14 people! Wow!

New Member Time!

Last week, AJ Gonzales presented our newest member – Sarah Wilkinson, sponsored by Nick Torres. Sarah is a Social Worker with the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, and she is also an instructor with Sun Yi’s Academy of Taekwondo on Giuntoli Lane in Arcata. Sarah graduated from Arcata High School in 2000, and she attended received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from HSU.

Sarah has two children – one is a student at Jacoby Creek School, and the other attends Arcata High. She has done a lot of volunteer work over the years, and she is looking forward to working with our Club to expand her contributions to our community. Welcome, Sarah!

Tag Team Craft Talk

Susan Diehl-McCarthy and Ashliegh Diehl shared their Craft Talk time last week. Although there were some minor technical glitches, it was very entertaining:

[Editor’s Note: I don’t usually select the frame that YouTube uses as the “cover” for the video, and I didn’t this time, either. However … I couldn’t have chosen a better one – the group shot on the screen, Susan’s priceless expression, and Ashliegh looking bemused. Perfect!]

Foundation Final Friday!

First, the Bling … Foundation Chair Terri Clark loves to hand out the jewelry on Final Fridays, and this week, our first recipient was Susan Diehl-McCarthy, who became our Club’s newest Paul Harris Fellow! And, for donating upwards of $5,000 to the Rotary Foundation, Terri presented a pin with four jewels to Lori Breyer. Thanks to both of these generous women, and to all of you who contribute to the Rotary Foundation!

Then the Bidding … As always, we had some wonderful prizes available at our Final Friday Foundation Auction. And as you probably know, all the proceeds are donated to the Foundation, with the Paul Harris Fellowship credit split very precisely betwixt the donors and the purchasers. State-of-the-art accounting methods allow us to make these exact determinations … unless we screw it up. Anyway, here’s a list of the winners and the other winners:

  • Steve McHaney offered a lovely bag that he brought back from his recent Rotary Friendship Exchange trip to India. It contained coffee and other goodies, and Lori Breyer was the happy winner.
  • Next came a bottle of premium wine coupled with a gift certificate from Larrupin’ Cafe in Trinidad. The package was provided by Charlie Jordan. Randy Mendosa offered the highest bid on that, getting a head start on his next anniversary dinner!
  • Maggie Kraft donated a couple of Irish-themed bags, which contained goodies like Jameson’s Irish Whisky, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and other stuff that used to belong to Irish people. Sure and begorrah! Carol O’Vander Meer bid the most on that, and took it home, she did!
  • Nick Torres donated a bag from Sun Yi’s Academy of Taekwondo, complete with a uniform, a hoodie, a certificate for two lessons with the Master, and a free month of dojo access. The winner was Ashliegh Diehl.
  • Carol Vander Meer (no O’ this time) put together an Artistic Mailing Kit, that included cards and rubber stamps and a bottle of … something. You can ask Terri Clark what was in the bottle, since she was the high bidder.
  • While he was in Costa Rica for his birthday, Matt Babich picked up some coffee and chocolate, which he offered in the auction. AJ Gonzales will be enjoying some international treats, courtesy of his winning bid.
  • John Gullam provided a gift certificate from Redwood Automotive, which was purchased by Romi Hitchcock Tinseth. (Do they work on bikes, too?)
  • Terri Clark donated a set of barbecue spices and rubs from Northwood Seasonings. Karen Burgesser’s winning bid means that she will be grilling up some tasty stuff soon!
  • Courtesy of Tomas Chavez, we had a chance to bid on The Kitten Kit – a certificate for spaying or neutering your kitten (“The Gift That STOPS Giving!”), along with catnip and cat toys. This kitten-caboodle was picked up by Brandi Easter.
  • Mark Burtchett donated an ensemble that included a handbag, a hat, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet. Maggie Kraft purchased that, so be watching for her new accessories …
  • The last item was an assortment of Northwood Spices, also donated by Terri Clark. Emanuel Rose will be cooking some mighty tasty vittles, ’cause he was the winner of this one!

Thanks as always to the donors and the purchasers – thanks to you, we were able to make a donation of $835 to the Rotary Foundation! But remember – you don’t have to wait for an auction to contribute, just click here: ROTARY FOUNDATION