Volume XI, Issue 17: October 28, 2011

At last Friday’s meeting, President Scott changed things up a bit. (Don’t forget … at his first meeting, he said he was all about change.) Instead of showing a video of someone singing The Star-Spangled Banner, he showed a segment from the 1980 movie, The Jazz Singer. The clip, which Scott played in honor of his parents’ visit the previous week, showed Neil Diamond singing “Coming to America”.
“Homecoming was so much fun!” Exchange Student Noëmi Schönenberger told us last week. The icing on the cake was that the Arcata varsity won. Noëmi also said that Amy and Steve Bohner took her to the Pumpkin Patch, where she was stuck in the Corn Maze for two hours. “It was really fun!” she said. And she participated in the Pumpkin Carving Party at the home of Barbara Browning and Ron Sharp. Noëmi didn’t exactly carve her pumpkin, however. Karen Burgesser said, “I’ve never seen anyone carve a pumpkin with a hammer and nail.” And a last note … Noëmi made the playoffs in tennis! Watch for more sports news in later issues.


President Scott showed us some photos of the restored Cheveret-Vaissade Park, and the Sunrise Rotarians who participated in the project. Seated from right to left are Randy Mendosa, Julie Vaissade-Elcock, Amy Bohner, and Janice Newman.
The RCAS logo is pressed into the uprights of the picnic tables. (Really – go over and take a look!)

There were also a lot of Sunrisers on hand for the Second Annual Arcata Sunrise Cross-Country Championship which took place Wednesday, October 26th. Local students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade participated in the event, which pitted runners against others their own age. Sunrisers Rebecca Crow, Donnie Rosebrook, Scott Heller, Craig Newman, Bryan Reeser, Amy Bohner, Mark Bruce, Patrick McCarthy and Cindy Sutcliffe were on hand to keep the kids “on track”, with the assistance of Exchange Student Noëmi and Rebecca’s daughter (and Rotary Kid) Mary Crow. Thanks for making it another great success!

Last Friday, we welcomed Ron Sharp into our Club. Ron is the Merchandising Manager for the North Coast Co-op, and he joins us with the classification of Grocery Management. He also happens to be married to über-Sunriser Barbara Browning, so he is no stranger to Rotary and the concept of “Service Above Self”. Ron’s sponsor is President Scott.

Terri, Ron, and President Scott

Terri Clark handled the induction, saying that she has known Ron for a long time; since they worked together at the Co-op. “He’s a musician,” Terri said, “and one of the most drama-free grownups I know.” We’re pretty confident that he’ll make a great Sunriser in spite of that. Welcome, Ron!!

Our Club designates the last Friday of each month as Foundation Final Friday – a time to revisit the many impactful programs of the Rotary Foundation. Last week, we conducted our semi-generally-regular Foundation Auction. Sunrisers donate prizes for the auction, and all of the money collected is donated to the Foundation. Here’s a quick rundown of what was donated, and who won:

  • Charlie Jordan donated a gift basket containing chocolate, wine, coffee, and other goodies. This was purchased by Julie Vaissade-Elcock.
  • Mark Burtchett provided courtside seats for that night’s HSU Lumberjacks Basketball Game. George Cavinta snapped those up.
  • A pair of martini-shaped cufflinks were available, courtesy of Terri Clark, and President Scott bought them. (A shirt with French cuffs was not included.)
  • Rebecca Crow will be delivering cookies on demand throughout the Holiday Season to three lucky (and generous) bidders: Barbara Browning, Ron Sharp, and Terri Clark.
  • A gift bag full of local handcrafted items was donated by Brenda Bishop. Rebecca Crow had the winning bid.
  • A gift of wine, wineglasses, and shortbread was donated by Lynda Moore. The package soon became the exclusive property of Mark Bruce.
  • Brenda Bishop gave us a second auction prize – a waterproof purse/tote bag, which was purchased by Karen Burgesser.
  • A set of metal horseshoes was Brenda’s third donation, and these went to Bob Goodman.
  • Joyce Hinrichs donated the last prize offered, which was a package including wine, candles, and a fountain. Terri Clark provided the winning bid.

Thanks to all who donated prizes and to the winning bidders. In all, Friday’s auction raised $715 for the Rotary Foundation!

Another goal of Final Friday is to have fun. Last week, Brandi Easter organized a Pumpkin Carvin’ Contest, which drew quite a few entries. Our Guest Judge was Janet Czarnecki of Redwood Roots Farm. She sorted through the patch, and named the following winners:
  • Honorable Mentions:  Mary Crow and Max Crow
  • Third Place:  Kyle Visser
  • Second Place:  Cam Appleton
  • First Place: Noëmi Schönenberger (she nailed it!)
From right to left: Noëmi, Kyle, Max, Judge Janet, Mary, and Cam

A Close-up of Noëmi’s winning entry