Volume XI, Issue 29: February 24, 2012

There was no update from Exchange Student Noëmi  Schönenberger last Friday – she was in the Bay Area with the Breyer Family for Presidents’ Week. I heard (or maybe mis-heard) that she will soon be Hawaii-bound. We’ll see …
Ceva Courtemanche said that things are coming together well for the 1900’s Circus Fundraiser. However, it’s less than two weeks away now, and we still have open tables. Ceva said that the members of the Lost Coast Rotaract have agreed to help out. Be sure to take any Silent Auction and/or Raffle prizes to HealthSport as soon as possible.
We aren’t the only ones who have a fundraiser coming up – the Arcata Noon Rotary Club has its annual Spring Wine Festival scheduled for this Saturday, March 3rd. The festivities will include a Dutch Raffle, Silent Auction, and a Wine Pull. The proceeds will support the Noon Club’s Arcata High School Scholarship Fund.
Howard Stauffer gave a presentation to our club on February 3rd, and he told us about his visit to Mongkol Borei School in Cambodia. He encouraged us to sponsor a child’s education, and last week we learned that Amy Bohner did exactly that! President Scott showed photos of Thy Malika, and he read a moving letter that the young girl wrote to Amy, thanking her. Well done, Amy!
Our Resident Recognizer, Bob Johnson, has been (digitally) toting around a great photo of Jacqueline Debets and her son Luc for a while, and last week he asked her about it. The picture accompanied an article that she wrote for the Times-Standard. In the piece, Jacqueline discussed the “old story” of the local economy – that it is based on the ailing timber industry – and she contrasted that concept with the “new story”, which is about the future industries that are even now springing up in our community.
Bob then spoke with Ron Sharp and Barbara Browning who planned to move to Blue Lake on Sunday. They were slated to receive the keys to the new digs on Friday, and all the boxes (Bob assumed) were carefully labeled and color-coded.
Cindy Sutcliffe and Tim Theiss celebrated their 13th anniversary on February 13th at Abruzzi’s. Bob used the opening to try to get to the bottom of Cindy’s retirement situation. It’s all cleared up now – December 23rd was her last day on the job. Now, she says, she’s trying to settle into a new routine.
February 17th was Charter Night, it’s true. But it was also Jason White’s birthday. However, Jason was unable to celebrate the double occasion. His wife Maggie was out of town, so he was on duty with the kids. Jason did manage to celebrate on Monday evening with dinner at the Bayfront. And (of course) we sang “Happy Birthday” to him.
Brandi Easter has been busy the past several weeks. She has been working with Caito Fisheries, getting up mighty early in the morning. “You guys are just getting going,” she said, “and I’ve been on the job for a while.”
Kyle Visser was able to make a rare appearance last Friday. As you may remember, Kyle was asked by his church to teach a class weekday mornings when school is in session. Unfortunately, the class time conflicts with our regular meetings. However, since there was no school for Presidents’ Week, Kyle was able to join us. Bob announced that Kyle’s business, ShredTec, had been named Green Business of the Year by the Arcata Chamber of Commerce.
Ron Sharp has completed all of the requirements that once separated him from Blue Badge Status. Last Friday, he surrendered his Red Badge to President Scott in exchange for the coveted Blue Badge. Well done!
Foundation Final Friday
Last Friday, Foundation Chair Terri Clark told us that Rotary’s 107th Anniversary had taken place earlier in the week. She noted that it was also the 25th anniversary of women in Rotary. Those milestones complemented our own 20th anniversary, making it quite a week for Rotarians.

Terri said that it has been a year since the last new case of polio was diagnosed, which is encouraging. There were two recent stories on Channel 13 that discussed the polio eradication effort, and Rotary was featured prominently. 

Terri then presented our Club’s newest Paul Harris Fellow – Michael Heller, President Scott’s son. Congratulations, Michael! (Please note that Terri’s hand is not moving at super speed, although she is undoubtedly capable of that and much more!)

Terri, Michael, and Scott