Volume XII, Issue 34: April 12, 2013

Although Fa Sillapajarn was busy with a lot of homework last week, she said that her host sister, Sky is back home. Fa said that Sky likes to cook, so they are eating well. Fa said that she is scheduled to return to Thailand on July 30th. Soooo … between now and then, please make a “date” with Fa to do something fun!

President-Elect Jessica McKnight has scheduled our annual Fireside Meetings (our small-group planning sessions for the coming Rotary Year) for the first week of May. The locations and times will be announced soon.

Next month has five Fridays, which means that May 24th will be our Fourth Foundation Friday, and we will not meet on the 31st (probably). There will be a Fifth Fellowship Friday event that is yet to be conceived and scheduled – updates to follow.

Also (partly) in May … the District 5130 Convention will take place at the Santa Rosa Hyatt Regency. The dates will be from May 31st through June 2nd. The event is a celebration of the current Rotary Year and a great opportunity to meet some great people.

Kahuna Kavinta announced that, because the District Convention is scheduled for the Humboldt Crabs’ opening weekend, we will be hosting our annual “Kids, Crabs, & Rotary” event a week later than usual. We will buy out the Arcata Ballpark on Sunday, June 9th, and invite Little League players from throughout Humboldt County to join us for an afternoon of baseball and hot dogs.

“Oh, The Places We’ll Go”, a fundraiser for three of next year’s Outbound Rotary Exchange Students (including Logan White, who will represent our Club in Italy), is proving to be a moveable feast – at least from a temporal standpoint. Logan said that the event will take place at the Bayside Grange on Friday, June 7th. Tickets are available from Logan (845-2922) for $25 per person. The price at the door will be $30 each.

The Kahuna himself, President George, noted that for the past few years, we have sponsored the Arcata Little League Park on Old Arcata Road. He said that the League has a fundraiser coming up on Sunday, April 21st, and he asked us to see whether we have an item that is new or gently used that could be auctioned off at the event. If you do, please bring it to next Friday’s meeting.

April 11th was the anniverary for Robert Goodman and his wife Brenna. Bob said that “there were children amongst us”. Indeed – the date coincided with Open House at the school. He said that the couple were planning something for the near future.

Rotary Kid Mary Crow turned 8 on March 28th, although she was a little hesitant to talk about it with President George. She did admit that cake was involved, and she did get a new smartphone along with clothes and earrings.

Each year, the winners of the local Humboldt County History Day competition come to our meeting to present their projects. The occasion is special for our Club, since the local event was founded by the late Bill Tanner, who was a professor at Humboldt State University and the husband of Charter Sunriser Fran Tanner. Unfortunately, Fran was unable to join us for this year’s presentations, but she would have enjoyed them.

The first presenters were Nijella Baur and Jacqueline Opalach, from Sunny Brae Middle School. They performed as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, discussing “The Fall of Slavery: A Changed World”. The video below shows an excerpt from their performance.

Kush Rawal, and Emma Zierer of Arcata High School were our next group. They were missing their partner Sara Davis, who was out of town. Their entry was a Group Exhibit in the Senior Division – “The Russo-Japanese War: A New World Power Arises”.  The clip below features Kush and Emma discussing their exhibit.

The entry by Aviaja Rasmussen and Kaylee Steiner-Olson was also in the Senior Division Group Exhibit category. The two young women from Six Rivers Charter School presented “Yellow Journalism Mightier Than The Sword”. Although the visual for their project was not available on Friday morning, the following video shows that Aviaja and Kaylee have an excellent grasp of their subject.

Dakota Small, Nollan Rohn, and Wyatt Rohn of Blue Lake Elementary School competed in the Junior Division Group Performance category. Their look back at the tragic events of 9/11 was entitled, “Do You Remember?”

2013 History Day Winners with Jason White (R) and President George (L)